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Introduction: Knex Coffee Machine

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In the chatroom today, there was a lot of stress. So the conversation drifted towards coffee! Monk and Dj radio thought that I should try making a knex coffee maker, and here it is!
you can probably build it from the pics...

The hot water will NOT melt/damage the knex! This is 100%safe! (unless you have a little accident).




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    I built it and turned it into a tea machine using only k'nex and nothing else, supprisingly it worked!

    Sweet! It's sort of sad how so much of the k'nex community here has died... But it's great that people still make things :)

    Nice! One of the few practical uses of knex I couldn't think of. Great work!

    to all those people ho saw my comment bout my password i changed it

     It looks really really really really (.......) really really (now you're skipping the really's) really good and sclever 5 and faved yiu're my first :)

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    WOW! this is very clever! i like how you dont only focus on building guns, but other helpful appliances. well done! 5 stars