This is DarthVader giving you a combination lock and my second instructable!

EDIT: wow, its been a while. my friend asked me to tell you guys that this is not my lock, i posted it for my friend a while back. this and the grabber. sorry, i didnt know he would ever be on this website, and i didnt know anybody even cared still lol, but apparently ppl still do! but yeah, this isn't mine. i just took the pictures.

Step 1: Wheels

These are essential to the combination lock!

Step 2: The Pin

This isn't essential, but it does add to the combination lock. Without it, your combination lock is a lot more dull... You'll see what I mean when you finish. Hinges work much, much better than ball socket and ball joint combinations! Try using older ones, as newer hinges tend to stay in the same position, whereas older hinges are more affected by gravity, being worn down and all.

Step 3: The Side Plates

These keep the combination lock together. Build 2.

Step 4: Connections

Connect the wheels to a rod, add spacers, and add to the plate. Connect the pin to the plate. The spacers in the second picture to the wheels (plate to end of yellow, or left to right): One, four, four.

Step 5: Add Second Plate and Customize

Add the plate and customize the wheel and the lever (for the pin). I used tan connectors to hold the yellow rods in place on the back.

Step 6: How to Make It Work

I don't own a video camera, so I can't post a video, but I'll try to explain how to set up your combination lock as best I can: You know those ball sockets on the green connectors? You rotate one on each white connector so that it interlocks with the ball socket on the wheel next to it. The middle wheel will require two ball socket rotations because there are two wheels next to it. Also, make sure that every single space (Green rod with no ball socket attatched) is lined up first, or else it will be pointless. Hope that helped! If anyone understands this and has a video camera, please demonstrate. Thank-you!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! not got all the pieces
<p>noob haha</p>
ur a noob <br>
this guy doesn't have 20 pieces... therefore the noob.
Hehehe.... I can crack a lock by shooting it apart with a sniper rifle xD
lol, i can use my SABR on it. it won't stand a chance from 10 feet
do i need all 21?
Unless you find another way, yup.
uhh how about you make it a little bigger, make the wheels squares made from white rods and red connectors, -1 rod on one side of each wheel.. would that work, do you think??
And the wheels would have a white connector in the middle.
I built it, he posted it. That wouldn't work because it would be too bottom-heavy, I tried it. It's a shame a video was never put up.
i don't know what you tried but i saw many people do square tumblers that worked. anyway, check out my safe (ASKUS) for a real knex safe with big wheels and an actual safe to go with the tumblers and pin.
use chain instead
Why, because you don't know how it works?
on looks of it.
I don't understand -at all- what you're trying to say.
just never mind
I don't know why you criticized this; it works rather well and it's performance is accurate to real tumblers. This isn't supposed to look like anything...you know that, right?
I don't have any of the black things, can I use the grey connectors instead?
No, for a model this small, only black will work, sorry.
I built it, it takes a little bit of understanding on how a real one works but works nonetheless. 4*
this sucks <br>
how are you ment to get the black peices on the 1st step on????
It doesn't work for me.
use chain
&nbsp;honestly... genius
hey man, what happened to your other account?
His other account got BANNED....
FAIL. His other account was deleted upon his request, so he could use it.
Ok, well, it's kind of pointless because you can brake it apart cuz it's built out of knex but it's still a neat concept.
plus u can buy good cameras w/ vid really cheap nowadays
i made a safe with a combination but i cant come up with a door lock system
Ughhhhhhhh I'm 4 things short to make this
you must have a lot of those joints!!!!!!!!!!!!21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
most normal cameras have video
I don't get how this works...
you unlock it.
try turning the wheel
Okay, I really need a video, man.
I really need a corn dog.
Sorry. I could have given you one a month ago but my oven broke. Here's a few for your troubles.
if he show 1 pic i will make a video

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