Picture of Knex Compact AST Pistol
Intro 002.JPG
Here is my AST pistol. AST standing for Assault, this is a small Magazine-fed pistol, that is easy to use and has good power.

The main reason I am posting this is because of the trigger. It is a neat trigger I came up with a while ago, and I wanted to put it on a gun; thusly this pistol. The video shows how it works best. Range is
45 - 65 feet.

Hope you like it!

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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
This is the parts list. It is where I list the parts. The parts you need are listed below.

Green ----- 97
White ------63
Blue ------- 3
Grey ------ 1 (this should really be black)

Dark Grey -- 8
Light Grey -- 5
Red ---------- 4
Green ------- 17
Yellow------ 46
White -------- 9
Orange ------7
Blue --------- 4

Blue Spacer ----- 16
Y Connector ----- 10
Ball Socket ------- 1
Elastics. You will need two small elastics, and however many you want for the ram.

Got those? Lets get started!

Step 2: Handle and such

Picture of Handle and such
Handle 002.JPG
Handle 003.JPG
Handle 004.JPG
Handle 005.JPG
Handle 006.JPG
Handle 007.JPG
Handle 008.JPG
Handle 009.JPG
Handle 010.JPG
Handle 011.JPG
Handle 012.JPG
Handle 013.JPG
Handle 014.JPG
This is the step for the handle, and the part in front of the handle. Simple.

1: Start with these four pieces
2: Make these four panels. Be sure that one is one yellow shorter than the rest
3: Put them all together with one cross-snapped white rod
4: The shorter one goes in the middle like so
5: Put the four pieces you made first in the spaces so its like this
6: Make these two panels
7: And these two pieces
8: Take one panel and cross snap white rods on it like so
9: Put those bits you made just a moment ago on as shown
10: Put the other panel over like so
11: Put the two parts together
12: Make this little piece
13: From another angle
14: Put it on the piece you already have with a white rod

Step 3: Trigger and rear Barrel

Picture of Trigger and rear Barrel
Trigger 002.JPG
Trigger 003.JPG
Trigger 004.JPG
Trigger 005.JPG
Trigger 006.JPG
Trigger 007.JPG
Trigger 008.JPG
This is a small step, which contains the trigger mechanism that I made. Get to it!

1: Start with these two panels
2: Make these two bits
3: Put them on like so
4: Put those white rods on
5: Get these parts
6: Snap the parts over the white rods like so
7: Put that last piece you have left onto the top like so. This stop the trigger from popping out of the barrel.
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can we replace some of the y connectors with peach connectors
I_am_Canadian (author) 2 years ago
Ahaha, it kinda went the other way around, this first then Spiff. Thanks a bunch!
metalsonic2 years ago
this looks like it could be the spiff V2

awsome gun by the way
yamaha23425 years ago
 am from Canada 2!!!!!  
Where in Canada I'm from Alberta
my too
In 5 wt is tht
I_am_Canadian (author)  SnapFitPieces(:5 years ago
Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, and I'll tell you.
i think it said: in picture 5, what is that
maybe............. not
Drakencas3 years ago
i cant do pic 6 how do you do that
I_am_Canadian (author)  Drakencas3 years ago
Just build and follow the notes. All you are doing is sliding the bits and pieces from photo 5 onto the part made in photo 4.

Good luck!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Drakencas3 years ago
Just build and follow the notes. All you are doing is sliding the bits and pieces from photo 5 onto the part made in photo 4.

Good luck!
jakie12343 years ago
He's talking about a gun not that he's from Canada.
I_am_Canadian (author)  jakie12343 years ago
mberg4 years ago
I want to build your spiff pistol or sat pistol but I thunk theist is better. Whic do u think.
I_am_Canadian (author)  mberg4 years ago
I'd go with spiff.
thanks. (haha. i don't even remember what i wrote."thunk theist ")
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
It would be cool if this was slide action.
your gun looks relly cool I have not built it yet but I think I will, and I think I can mod it so you dont need tape. O and are you relly from canada
I_am_Canadian (author)  knexmaster606 years ago
I hope you do! And yes, I really am from cananda.
I know he is from Canada but it's funny because I am Canadian said" yes I am from Canada" it's funny because he said typed it like cananda
hedzup4564 years ago
hehe, instead of 1 yellow, 2 or 3 whites....ALMOST SEMI AUTO SHOTGUN PISTOL!
maybe not, youd have to mod the magazine, ill do that so i can win a bet with my mate! £10 if i can make a gun that fires 3 bullets at once, every time
wait you were just talking to yourself?
hedzup4564 years ago
i took spiff into school, became thecoolest guy, then took this into school "remeber the guun yesterday? Meet its BIGGER BROTHER!"
thank IAC
heavy cannon v5 next, metinks
I_am_Canadian (author)  hedzup4564 years ago

Thats pretty neat. Thanks!
Forrasy4 years ago
Go Canada! xD I could probably make it so when you pull the ram back it doesn't bend and stuff, if I do, do you want me to give you a screeny?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Forrasy4 years ago
Err... Little problem, after exactly every shot the magazine jams.
How to fix? The bullet gets caught on the ram, it is so annoying!
There are a lot of things that might be wrong...

The easiest thing to do would be to build spiff, I think. It never jams :-)
Just built this, and the heavy cannon v5 today! Well, we can call that a fingers-bleeding day?
I think we can :-)
inergy4 years ago
I modded the magazine so it wouldn't jam, although you can't rapid fire, you have to tilt the gun up and then down so the ammo is put closer to the firing pin and the aim, the extra ammo should stay down
and made a safety and sight for it
post the saftey?
It's simple, it's a blue rod stuck through the barrel and a above the middle of the mag, then snap any connector on the side, then do the same to the other side, so remove unsnap on connector, and snap on to the sight i made, or put it in your pocket.
post the sight lol
Again it is quite simple. All you need to add is a gray 2 way connector and you gotta remove the middle green connector out of the middle of the very front of the gun, or remove the green connectors on the side of the gun and add two gray 2 ways. I will post a pic with what green connectors i am talking about.
inergy inergy4 years ago
Ok i said i would post a pic, but i no longer have the gun. and i'm having trouble copying the pic. but it is simple enough.
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