this is my first gun instructable.
it took about an hour to build and there will be a v1.2 coming soon.
depending on the elastic band/s you use this crossbow could be
i shot about 50-75feet with two strong rubber bands and it can pierce a coke can so enough of that lets get building!!!

Step 1: The Barrel

siply follow the pics if you need help just ask :)
u have a great gun and acent 5* <br>
Great gun! 5*
how on earth did u find a elastic band big enough??? i had to join to elastic bands together!
My dad got them from his work.
help how do you build the inside of the barrel !!!!!!!!!!
No but really. Its quite simple really. Just build one side then the other but connect them once you have built the center part.
Carefuly. ;)
cool its a good gun<br />
&nbsp;me likey
Nice crossbow dude!
have you build my v1.2 thats even better?
i haven't built it yet, is it worth it? i mean is the range and accuracy good? i will probably make it either way, nice job
well the range is good around 75-100ft with my rubber bands and accuracty is good to about 40ft but the rubber bands sometimes gets cought in the yellow connectors but you could build this see how this goes then try the v1.2 and see how they differ
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ
what do you need help with?
stock looks comfy
The video is a bit too long.. :l
i know im trying to shortin my videos down but still show the same stuff :| BTW have you seen my v1.2 yet ??
Lol, thanks for the cred.
i have made my v1.2 it will be out soon !wooow!

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