Picture of Knex D. Eagle
This is another gun that I came up with. Its supposed to be a desert eagle. The base of the gun was this.
The handle doubles up as a mag to load white rods and it IS a true trigger gun.
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robin944 years ago
come on , make instructions.
I made this from the pics and I have instructions. Do you still want to build?
I try to build :D
Well here are the instructions =D
Ain't this your desert eagle?
mad can you give me instuctions
You know, you could have just clicked on the link that said "instructions" a few comments below this one, but since you insist for them, here they are.
knexmatrix2 years ago
YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!
stryker34 years ago
post it! post it! post it!
MotaBoi5 years ago
 Nice gun.  I'll post it for you if you like.
Life saver cheers lol!
 oh yes, do.
liamlowder4 years ago
put some damn instructions so i can make it.
robin944 years ago
please make instructions for it!
robin944 years ago
please make instructions!!!!!!!!!!
Nickia944 years ago
Instructions?!? Please?
Madrias3575 years ago
POST!  I need a gun that shoots white rods!
i'll send you a picture of my luger which shoots white rods...............
topcat1235 years ago
does it pull back
what would it look like in a different colour!
lol how to make this desert eagle??????????
Lowney5 years ago
Haha this looks awesome!
king10005 years ago
I made this gun just using 2 of the pics but i couldnt get it to shoot for some reason but still good gun
i am currently in the making, nearly finished, when done might post instructions
instructians!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DARKCOBRA6 years ago
too big
cobra, please tell me your joking. the desert eagle is huge.
and it spews fire like five feet from the barrel when it shoots
Don't reply to me tell the guy who made it.
its actually smaller than the real thing
I did not know.
morgan12105 years ago

Ali Rhayel5 years ago
please make the D.Eagle a instructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant you build from the pics?i would but i dont really want to build this
The Jamalam7 years ago
I think this is one of the most realistic desert buzzards on the site, it just needs a trigger guard and a mag!


it doesnt look real...
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