This is my knex double pistol!

  • Magazine for each side
  • True Triggers
  • Comfortable (very)
  • Good Range: About 40 feet (the different sides are sometimes different though)
  • Powerful

  • Takes a little while to reload because of two mags

That's About It! Lets build!

Step 1: Build a Ton of Misc. Parts...

Build a ton of misc. parts...

Step 2: Handles


Step 3: Bodies/Body


Step 4: Assembly


Step 5: Done

Done! Now shoot someone!

If you need help PM me!
Thanks for making it!
Can you disconnect the two pistol and have them as two pistols? Oh wait, you don't have to answer. The answer to that question, is OF COURSE. But i'm just gonna go with the double pistol and have them connected because it is cool. Nice gun. All of your guns are awesome! Nice job making this. I think the next gun you should make is an FN Scar that shoots.
damn, I had this idea long, long ago but never did something with it <br>and now you're first
i did this with the knex Walther ppk
what does it shoot?
dark grey connectors<br />
This is a very cool gun but annoying to load. I will give 4.5*..........
i cant get the blue pieces on like you did in picture 4
oh let me see..... the blue connectors? oh try adding them one at a time then connecting them.
ITs facking simple man i made a gun like this when i whas like 8 xD
well good for u
how did u take that second picture??
timer on camera
oh right lol good action shot :p
Pretty awesome dude! Great work! 5*s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yup lol
lol this is kinda cool, but i woouldn't use it in a war. very fun to use tho 4.5 stars :)
I would. What's better than a pistol? A pistol with another pistol on top!
I like the way you hold it...
ya lol
good point :P
or you could just build two guns....
so? y not this?
its just another option if you have enough pieces to make this you have enough to make them detatched
yeah but you could hold it with one hand an when one side is out of ammo flip it over and use the other. you could use another gun at the same time
I guess
ya. i dont do much with them but shoot targets though so ya.
I have done something like this but it was in the position of a double barreled shotgun and had the handles side by side do not ask me to post it because it is long gone
Like said before it's nothing but a gimick. It seems you just keep changing up your same pistol. However, if you could manage to connect the rams and triggers so that you only need to operate one to fire both then this would be pretty sweet. Otherwise you could do this with a lot of other pistols like mine.
well yeah i know. i just decided to do it so.... is there any problem with it though?
Nice gun, 4.5*!
Your a strange man with a strange gun. 4.5*

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