Dual Magazine K'nex Pistol.




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Introduction: Dual Magazine K'nex Pistol.

This is a one-of-a-kind K'nex gun. It has two magazines which together hold 16 rounds. The front holds 6 and the rear holds 10. It loads on its own and never jams guaranteed. There are different possibilities when firing this gun, you can fire one shot at a time, two at a time, or from either magazine. This is very easy to build and does not use many pieces. This pistol is very satisfactory. Hope you enjoy!!! :D

Step 1: Building the Parts of the Gun.

Build the following pieces in order to build my pistol.

Step 2: Connecting the Pieces and Finishing the Gun.

Follow all steps in the picture to complete your gun.

How to fire: This gun shoots one unit gray connectors. I would recommend using up the front magazine and then the rear. When the front magaine is out of ammo be sure to remove the RAM rod so it won't block the bullets' path.



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    Cool gun....I also found that this gun has a double shot feature.
    Wat u do is pull back the ram rod past the front mag and onto the trigger just like you were loading a front mag shot on the gun. Then pull back the ram even further like u were loading a back mag shot. Push the ram rod foward until it cannot move anymore. Now pull the trigger and 2 bullets will come out instead of 1. I know this can be confusing but if you get it, good job!!! :)

    hey sharpen the ram rod that fires the bullet it help with loading it.

    nice but dont really have a reason to put bendy rods around trigger

    It's design is very good, I have built this my self, and modifyed it my self to have a mag capcity of 22 grey connectors.
    Here is a picture:


    this is the first gun that i built that was successful

    good gun, but the trigger can hardly hold any force


    You can see where i was going with that though.

    Yes I can, but still, Hardly.

    Well I guess its because of the jutting out bit on the back of the handle, and the curve down, above the second magazine that makes you think that. I can see it too now.

    Have you by any chance made Seleziona's Skorpion?

    I didn't even know you had knex, I thought you where one of those 20 year olds, who liked to know how clever kids where, and what kids really where up to.

    No, i am a 13 year old who enjoys knex and innovative weaponry.

    Oh, that is rather suprising.