Picture of Dual Magazine K'nex Pistol.
This is a one-of-a-kind K'nex gun. It has two magazines which together hold 16 rounds. The front holds 6 and the rear holds 10. It loads on its own and never jams guaranteed. There are different possibilities when firing this gun, you can fire one shot at a time, two at a time, or from either magazine. This is very easy to build and does not use many pieces. This pistol is very satisfactory. Hope you enjoy!!! :D

Step 1: Building the parts of the gun.

Build the following pieces in order to build my pistol.
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Cool gun....I also found that this gun has a double shot feature.
Wat u do is pull back the ram rod past the front mag and onto the trigger just like you were loading a front mag shot on the gun. Then pull back the ram even further like u were loading a back mag shot. Push the ram rod foward until it cannot move anymore. Now pull the trigger and 2 bullets will come out instead of 1. I know this can be confusing but if you get it, good job!!! :)
je zuigt :)
horrible but nice try 3*
hey sharpen the ram rod that fires the bullet it help with loading it.
nice but dont really have a reason to put bendy rods around trigger
It's design is very good, I have built this my self, and modifyed it my self to have a mag capcity of 22 grey connectors.
Here is a picture:
clarky9994 years ago
this is the first gun that i built that was successful
shieldsam4 years ago
good gun, but the trigger can hardly hold any force
An Villain5 years ago
Looks a bit like the Skorpion.
You can see where i was going with that though.
Yes I can, but still, Hardly.

Just my opinion.

Well I guess its because of the jutting out bit on the back of the handle, and the curve down, above the second magazine that makes you think that. I can see it too now.
Have you by any chance made Seleziona's Skorpion?
Yes, i did.
I didn't even know you had knex, I thought you where one of those 20 year olds, who liked to know how clever kids where, and what kids really where up to.
No, i am a 13 year old who enjoys knex and innovative weaponry.
Oh, that is rather suprising.
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Hmm Hmm.
 Hmmm. What is with the perfect grammar?
I like it that way.
 And you know what? Thats what made me suspect you where 20 something years old. I like it that way too, but if you look at my past 1000 comments, then they are all written like text.
No, I am not 20, I have OCD, that is why.

Does that stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Or maybe it might be Octopus Caramel Disease?

Yes it does stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
I don't think it should be 'disorder'. You try to make things perfect, right? Do you really have it, or do you just act like you have it?
I have been diagnosed with it by several doctors, and yes I like things to look neat, my family always have trouble at furniture stores because I try to brush all the microfiber couches the right way.
Lol, and I see a grammar mistake in one of your comments.
 Heheheheheheh, okay I'll tell you, here.
"'No, i am a thirteen year-"'
 Yes, I'm afraid it is. Are you going to delete that comment?
I found another. Its:

Yes it does stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

There should be a comma between yes and it
I thought so too, but the mag is a little too short.
Yes, you could lengthen it though.
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