I made the Eiffel Tower out of K'nex. Here are some pictures. I will not be posting instructions so don't bother asking.
<p>lol cool</p>
cool tower
Awesome! It looks just like the tower in Paris. That's right in France!
nice job. i built an eiffel tower out of knex too. it was 13 ft tall and 5 ft wide. it completely stood on its own. i also took it to a school dance for graduation because the theme is paris. every one loved it and it was touching the ceiling of the gym.
4/5 the flag u can make it out of paper en tape it on it<br>
&nbsp;5 stars
replying to your own comment
looks flimsy
that's pretty good looking in the first picture but when you get up close its all warbled.
Yeah, its because the bendys don't like me.
2 bad u tor it down. and 2 bad that u wont post instructions
or me!
Agreed. Still good though!
epic, 5*
ya there like a temptation to build it its real cool thumbs up<br>
AWESOME <br>i kinda wanna build it
Cool, 5*
Nice 5 stars, Have you tried to make the Golden Gate Bridge
it looks awesome buti have a question: is it stable? because when i look in the middle it looks like the bendy rods block each other making it unbalanced anyway, excellent! 5 stars
Yeah, it's pretty stable.
wait, 6 comments ago you said it was wobbily. now your saying it isn't. which is true man!!
It doesn't move if you don't touch it.
ok :)
It reminds me of that lego tower in a magazine i have because of the three compartments it breaks into.Pretty cool!
I built an eiffiel tower too and my sister destroyed that as well as ironman69's minigun... i hate her
Why did she destroy it !?
How did you get instructions for the minigun?
from the pictures he posted, its well cool in real life
Oh. Wow, I envy you. How was it?
really cool, but my god damn sister destroyed it. if there was anything that i would like more than turning back time, being invisible and being fabulously rich it would be this, or a real one of course
Its awesome except the bendies make it look really messy.
looks abit wobaly
It is.
someone should make the CN tower!
hmmmmmmm.....might not be so stable...
I also think that someone should turn this into a crazy french themed ball tower! lol
I was thinking about doing that, but there's no room for the lift.
Ball tower!! Ball tower!!!<br/><br/><sub>Just make the lift up one side... you can't see every angle at once!</sub><br/>
I destroyed it. <sup>whoops</sup><br/>
Lol neat.
pretty cool! looks a bit wonkey and the supports aren't great, but I say rethink not posting it!
wonkey, LoL
Well, the supports aren't angled nearly enough and it's a little mishapen but it's better than my pathetic attempt at making one!

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