K'nex Flail!




Introduction: K'nex Flail!

Hi, there arent many of these on here, so I figured i'd make one. All you need is the red k'nex box for all the pieces of it.

Step 1: Parts.

24 black chain links.

Rods- 13 white
1 green
1 gray.

Connectors- 2 blue snowflake with 1 slot missing.
1 white snowflake
1 orange.

Step 2: Well, Should Be Easy Enough.

Connect the 24 chain links, put snowflake on the end, grey rod on the end of the snowflake. Put the 2 blue snowflakes together, green rod on the orange connector at the end on the chains. Connect the blue ball snowflake to the green, fill in empty spaces with whites. (note- handle has been modified. please look at the picture for details.

Step 3: Heh, You're Done!

Hold the handle and swing to your heart's content!

Step 4: Handle

I edited the handle!



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    how we suspose to kno how to build it alll you show is pics

    nice flail I like the design...check out my flail!!

    If you want to see a real knex flail im gonna post one soon as a forum topic =) actually no mines not a flail but it can be one... its sort of well its a spiked club lets say that and it hurts like... like someone shooting needles up your butt...

    much better thank you for taking my advice

    I'm more of a K'nex Gun person but it looks pretty cool!!! 4.5 :D

    more like knex fail. Its a 1 axis flail that breaks under many circumstances. here are my suggestions to you have a grey cylinder made out of 2 white snowflakes and 4 grey rods. then, slip a white rod through the top hole. put an orange connector on the top and a grey end connector on the bottom. then connect the chain links to the orange connector and viola, a 360 degree rotating flail

    put the gray rod in the the middle of a white connector support with tan clip, add gray rods to white connector add white connector to bottom.