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This is my K'nex G36c. The weapon features a light true trigger and a removable curved magazine (blue rods). I expected the bullets to make it just out of the barrel, but it proved me wrong, firing about 40ft on avg. This is my second instructable.

The only compied part is the magazine, which belongs to TheDunkis.

You should find notes throughout the instructable for the tricky spots.


-Quick reload (removable mag)
-OK range
-Looks good


-Mag pusher often needs a bump to keep to rounds feeding
-If your rubber bands arn't strong enough the bullet will often hit the insides of the weapon and jam, which could be a pro because it tell you when you have enough power.

Step 1: Piece Count

This count should be exact. If any errors are found please PM me, I will check, and then change.


-Grey - 19
-Light Grey - 9
-Red - 19
-Green - 33
-Yellow - 49
-90 degree (yellows missing 1 slot) - 2
-180 degree (snowflake missing a slot) - 14
-White - 16
-Orange - 35


-Green - Aprx ~ 120
-White - 30
-Blue - 23
-Yellow - 9
-Red - 3
-Grey - 2


-Tape - 2 small pieces
-Tan Clip - 12
-Blue Clip - 1
-Hinge - 1
-Ball Socket - 2
-Ball Joint - 1
-Y Connector - 8
-Decapitated Grey/Half Orange - 2-5 (can be replaced with tan clips)
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rheath23 years ago
H&K's aren't they just awesome
Puddock3 years ago
I remember build this one to compare to Gtrains. Both were very good.
irish dc 954 years ago
i like the gun but my problem is the stock cuz it's not very solid
I like the gun the only thing i dont like is the barrel you have to cut lots of pieces
gassybeans4 years ago
ok so my ram rod wont hit the bullit through the decapitated greys! HELP~!!!
luke11wolf4 years ago
dude ur mp 40 looks nice but it cant fire worth crap
if u only put 3 decapitated greys it works great.
do u need to use all those oranges
no u dont have to. if u use yllows in stead it makes the sight more accurate.
firing problems plz help somebody
finally a gun to use those cut parts on......
do you have an alternative for those cut up pieces?
or can i just make this completely without any pieces on that spot?
use the small blue connectors or tan ones
it didn't work :(
what can i use instead of the tan connectors , or dont i have to put anything there
~Aeronous~5 years ago
 a few.
not very helpful
Okay, I built it, but I heavily modified it. I changed the stock, to make it more sturdy, and added a similar modification to the upper rail to make it have less parts in it. I installed a special M4-style charging handle grip to the end of the ram rod, to make the gun easier to cock. I added "picatinny rails" to the bottom barrel in place of the handgrip, and to the back of the upper rail so I can attach grenade launchers, bayonets, and optics to the weapon. I also modified the upper receiver and the mag pusher to make loading the gun less of a hassle.
I'll build it, though I'm not sure I have enough parts :(
Very good gun, appearance wise. It does real justice to the real weapon.
bacp034 years ago
Person2524 years ago
I didn't have enough time to build this by my computer, so I just figured out half of the assembly.
Danny48784 years ago
It doesnt shoot properly and the bullets kept on ****ing up, scuse my language but i still enjoy mucking around with it and i made an extra mag. :-)
nice gun^^
benstuwie5 years ago
looks real but some problams with firing
rrr675 years ago
is there a white connector in the middle of the yelo connectors
This ia an excellent gun and works perfectly. Thanks :-)
Great Model Traut i was surprised that some one made a model of one of my favorite gun, I give it a 5/5 on all except the Upper Rail, That would be a 4/5 for that. Over all great job man.
I built this and the barrel has too much fricton and the bullet just falls out the end of the barrel
prodo1235 years ago
Fantastic job!!!!! Ima make a model of the Original G36. The barrel looks less stubby.
SM1 Elite5 years ago

is the gun the same size as the real thing?? i made part of the stock and it seems to be a little small.
wham398375 years ago
trauts one small suggestion why dont you use ball sockets instead of the cut grey pieces

Trauts (author)  wham398375 years ago
Try it.... it won't work... at all
lazyboy135 years ago
really sick dude. im going to be making one for myself. but how far does it shoot? peanuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prranavan5 years ago
making the handgrip hurts my hands but i managed to finish it at the end
Prranavan5 years ago
really good stock-nice and sturdy. 5* for the stock and the rest of the gun (whole gun 5*
J Moneyman6 years ago
reds are 90 degrees, and yellows are 180 degrees...
 he means 3D connectos.
finmonster5 years ago
great job moddeling off the gun 5*
demonex5 years ago
your gun is bloody amazing i just finished building it, its awesome

unfortunately i cant cdecapitate the grey connectors at the moment so i have to wait for my dad to do it lol!
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