Knex G3 SAS




Introduction: Knex G3 SAS

I felt like making a new gun, and I couldn't find a G3 on here, so I started building one. I made the SAS, the SMG version (basically an MP5 that shoots a higher caliber bullet. It shoots blue rods about the same distance as any other mag pull back. The trigger is quite far back so it may have higher power with less elastic bands.
I would build a stock but it would block the bolt/charging handle.

I will probably post it in the next week, as there is no school =D



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    make an instructable please

    hey, from what i've seen this is a kool gun. i still can't believe that DarthVader crack head hasn't posted a comment on this instructable. i thought he was obsessed with you. lol jk

    "That DarthVader crack head" as you put it (i am in complete agreement by the way) has been banned.

    The only thing wrong with this is the ram is too close to the handle.

    wait a sec , i think i can build this , if i do can i post 'ible?

    Yeah sure :) as long as you give me some credit
    I've pretty much stopped doing K'nex, so it'd never get posted by me anyway
    Louis :)


    Great job. I want an Airsoft one!!!!!1

    Sorry for the spam, but check it out!

    Yeh, same, I might get a JG one as a back up for my Marui M14.