I felt like making a new gun, and I couldn't find a G3 on here, so I started building one. I made the SAS, the SMG version (basically an MP5 that shoots a higher caliber bullet. It shoots blue rods about the same distance as any other mag pull back. The trigger is quite far back so it may have higher power with less elastic bands.
I would build a stock but it would block the bolt/charging handle.

I will probably post it in the next week, as there is no school =D
make an instructable please
hey, from what i've seen this is a kool gun. i still can't believe that DarthVader crack head hasn't posted a comment on this instructable. i thought he was obsessed with you. lol jk
"That DarthVader crack head" as you put it (i am in complete agreement by the way) has been banned.
The only thing wrong with this is the ram is too close to the handle.
Very cool, 4 stars.<br />
wait a sec , i think i can build this , if i do can i post 'ible?<br />
Yeah sure :) as long as you give me some credit<br /> I've pretty much stopped doing K'nex, so it'd never get posted by me anyway<br /> Louis :)
poooooooooooooooooooooooooost!!!!<br />
Great job. I want an Airsoft one!!!!!1<br/><br/>Sorry for the spam, but check <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/PSG_1_D/">it</a> out! <br/>
Yeh, same, I might get a JG one as a back up for my Marui M14.
i have a systema mp5 and a mauri m4 withe a systema gear box and a tsd 92fs
Nice, I also have an Army Armament L85 but it always jams, and a CYMA CM031. I also have a couple of AGM XM8s which aren't very good, and a JG BAR 10, which is good but M14 outranges it and the M14 is automatic. My dad has a Classic Army M14 as well.
my systema is a 09 that cost me 3000 dollars
Sweet, what's the effective range/FPS on it? My M14 can hit a man sized object at over 60m with a bit of hop-up.
350 feet is the afective maximum 600 fps
Whoa, nice. Where I skirmish you can only use up to 350fps on an AEG though =/, 500 on a bolt action sniper. What kind of a bruise/cut does it leave getting hit with it? At point blank it must KILL!!<br/>
20 feet away and if you hit the tmple of there forehead it literally knocks you out and on fully auto you get a huge and i mean 3 inch gash
:O I assume you just use it for targets and stuff then, I don't know who would want to play with you if you had that gun =P<br/>
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actually they arent yours theyre your dads
Actually they are liscensed under my dad's name because I am not old enough to own them but they are my guns.
No. You have all those weapons, INCLUDING those XM8s?
I have nothing, anymore.
show off
yeah thank you for building a G3. i tried and failed now all we need is a g3a4
more to the point besides airsoft this gun shoots awesome i shot the original, very smooth and has good range,best mag pullback bye the way check out my new walther mpk just visit ,my profile
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