Knex G-D1





Introduction: Knex G-D1

this is the first 2 part slide gun i have seen on the site. it has a removeable mag (alot better than my auther removeable mag gun) slide and mag release. this is one of the coolest pisol's I have made I think its a little better than the P2000 (more range and power)

-very innovative
-good range for a pistol(about 35 feet)
-good power for a pistol
-Loads of FUN!!

-only holdes 5 shot's
-you CAN NOT put so many rubber bands on the ram
-uses a minimum of 3 cut part's:( (max but not needed 5 cut parts) they are all cut off end's of white rod's

hope you enjoy the gun don't forget to rate!:)

Step 1: Handle

Step 2: Handle Part 2

Step 3: Handle Part 3

Step 4: Front Half Part 1

Step 5: Front Half Part 2

put on the front half of the slide

Step 6: Back Half Part 1

Step 7: Back Half Part 2

Step 8:

Step 9: The Mag

Step 10: Loading



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    Horrible gun, it only shoots when it misfires.


    what did you use to cut the white rod?

    i used a long orange rod and i cut it with some sort of pliers

    Thanks for replying but just 2.5 minutes after that comment was posted, I found out I didn't have enough pieces for it.

    dutchwarlords is this

    the mag is weird how it loads the ammo. tbh i destroyed it 10 minutes after i was done

    great gun but the mag is kinda still workin on getting it to work right

    Great gun i shot my sister in the head and she