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this is the first 2 part slide gun i have seen on the site. it has a removeable mag (alot better than my auther removeable mag gun) slide and mag release. this is one of the coolest pisol's I have made I think its a little better than the P2000 (more range and power)

-very innovative
-good range for a pistol(about 35 feet)
-good power for a pistol
-Loads of FUN!!

-only holdes 5 shot's
-you CAN NOT put so many rubber bands on the ram
-uses a minimum of 3 cut part's:( (max but not needed 5 cut parts) they are all cut off end's of white rod's

hope you enjoy the gun don't forget to rate!:)

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

Step 2: Handle Part 2

Picture of Handle Part 2

Step 3: Handle Part 3

Picture of Handle Part 3

Step 4: Front Half Part 1

Picture of Front Half Part 1

Step 5: Front Half Part 2

Picture of Front Half Part 2

put on the front half of the slide

Step 6: Back Half Part 1

Picture of Back Half Part 1

Step 7: Back Half Part 2

Picture of Back Half Part 2

Step 8:

Picture of

Step 9: The Mag

Picture of The Mag

Step 10: Loading

Picture of Loading


~Meme~ (author)2012-06-13

Horrible gun, it only shoots when it misfires.

Agony (author)2012-02-15


killersir751 (author)2010-12-20

what did you use to cut the white rod?

qwerty987 (author)killersir7512011-07-27

i used a long orange rod and i cut it with some sort of pliers

killersir751 (author)qwerty9872011-07-28

Thanks for replying but just 2.5 minutes after that comment was posted, I found out I didn't have enough pieces for it.

Senior Waffleman (author)2010-03-19

this looks like dutchwarlords...

dutchwarlords is this

pwnagerownager (author)2011-01-29

the mag is weird how it loads the ammo. tbh i destroyed it 10 minutes after i was done

pwnagerownager (author)2010-10-10

great gun but the mag is kinda still workin on getting it to work right

(YOUR N (author)pwnagerownager2010-10-15

Great gun i shot my sister in the head and she

killersir751 (author)(YOUR N2010-10-26

why would you shoot your sister in the head?
that's pointless and how would you like it if someone shot you in the head with this gun?

(YOUR N (author)killersir7512010-11-06

because i did

killersir751 (author)(YOUR N2010-11-18

XD if only i was there

(YOUR N (author)killersir7512010-11-21

stop talking aboutt things you cruel xc

killersir751 (author)(YOUR N2010-11-25

oh, if she's older than you then it's alright then

(YOUR N (author)killersir7512010-11-21

and shes older ven me

killersir751 (author)2010-10-29

need more pics on step 4

fatbubbleman (author)2010-07-31


if 7-12 are how to build the finished product and 1-6 are the actual finished product, why do they look different if you build them?

pwnagerownager (author)2010-10-10

So we build 1-5 and then 6-12 is a different part we build? Epic confusion....

Dr.Squirrel (author)2010-09-30

Reliable? Just asking

Im_the_knex_god_hail_me (author)2010-09-08

this is most definatly a desert eagle just look at how beautiful you did that slide

mrmplaster (author)2010-09-01

i dont have any snapped rods since i brought my knex i dident snap any but i have loads of snapped connecters lol so i cont build the gun that sucks i dont wanna waste knex wat am i gonna do when i find a sick gun and i destroy this and my rods are going to waste

SteelBeast (author)2010-08-02

Finnally, The real original gun. and wow much more detailed steps then Dutch Warlord's version. I am gonna build this tommorow YAY And about the broken pieces I once bend a Grey Rod (Longest rod eva) by accedent. So I cut the it to pieces and now I got 7 pieces of the same length you used. So I can build this fully prepared for everything this tutorial trows at me. I give you a rating after I am done testing it.

SteelBeast (author)SteelBeast2010-08-03

Ah, To much clip Tan Used you used 17, I only got 11, They are rare in my country....

SteelBeast (author)SteelBeast2010-08-03

Does there really need to be 8 Clip Tan's in the front half?

FrozenStar (author)2009-09-08

I would build this but cut parts are evil

cut parts are not the spawn of satan they are satan and i only use pieces that are already broken or rods that snapped in other guns for things like this

Seleziona (author)FrozenStar2009-10-11

FINALLY! someone that agrees with me! Cut parts are super lame!

Cut parts are Satans Doing.... Btw.... this is buildable with out cuts... I managed

amazing! you are amazing!

prodo123 (author)Seleziona2010-05-08

Cut parts are a spawn of Satan himself.

Seleziona (author)prodo1232010-05-09

... I used to think that, but once you have them, it's okay!

prodo123 (author)Seleziona2010-05-09

I mean, the only broken pieces I have are from my guns being too powerful xD

Seleziona (author)prodo1232010-05-09

haha, i have quite a bit of cut ones now.

show me how

Cut pieces are the spawn of bealzebub the lord of all hell

dash it you took the bibicalesc words out of mouuth

DontShoot262 (author)FrozenStar2010-04-30

cut parts are evil

scim (author)2010-06-11

Can't wait to build this. shame about the broken pieces!

iloveemogirls (author)2010-06-03

i have a few broken pieces so im ok they got broke due to super powerfull knex guns i cant wait to build this =D

zypher3.14 (author)2010-04-17


zypher3.14 (author)2010-04-16

 what do you do with the modified rods???

muffinslayer2 (author)2010-03-19

This goes for all ur pictures, PUT PICTURE NOTES ON THEM! that way we know, "oh, this is another picture of the previous one" not like "oh, 2 of the same thing?"

knexdude2 (author)2009-11-15

what do i do first??

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2009-11-13

ausome gun=P.

devon34 (author)2009-10-30

cool gun but anoying cut parts not very good because hard to use

devon34 (author)2009-10-29


devon34 (author)2009-10-29

why not put the green connector on u have what does it stop if u put it on or does it do nothing

devon34 (author)2009-10-29

do u biuld the thirst picture and then the 6 and the rest all both first 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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