Knex Grenade





Introduction: Knex Grenade

I have just built this grenade, it is my second instructable you can access my first instructable here

if you can make this better then tell me. you can make it look more realistic if you get a two way connector and take a blue rod and connect them together then stick the rod in the hole at the top.

Step 1: The Parts

you will need:

8 yellow rods
16 red corner connectors
2 snowflake connectors
2/3 rubberbands
when putting things inside the grenade don't put in rods as they will just fall out
i have just used orange connectors, snowflake connectors and half circle connectors

Step 2: Building It

you will build the grenade
make as many of these as you want and rate it
if i get at least 3 and a half stars then i will post my current project.



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    if you rate this then can you comment aswell thanks

    hey can u let me know if u have built this grenade and tell me how it worked out for u and please can u also rate it P.S if i get a good rating then i will post a new creation like a knife or a gun

    Ok, I'll check it out, if it is good or average I'll make a review.

    well i am in the prossess of makin a knex gun but i can't post it yet

    Nah, just built it and it kinda sucked. Sorry. I rated it a 1.0 but please post your other knex gun bcause it doesnt matter what rating you get on this one.

    ok i will wen i ave the chance but i am sure u can build it just fine

    i know, but you will be higher publicly apreciated when you get a hi-def camera