Knex Guitar (Bass)





Introduction: Knex Guitar (Bass)

This my entry for TGKT Round 2. It is a bass guitar, very heavy (more than a Knexsayer!) and I can get at least 2 tunes out of it, with varying degrees of accuracy. See my video post for those (should be up before the 15th but seeing as each vid takes about 15 mins to upload...). I do realise that it only has one string, but it is much easier to play like this, and can support all 4 strings. It is slightly shorter that a 3/4 size bass, as the only even slightly playable parts of the strings are right by the top of the neck.



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    geez, am I the only one viewing/commenting on this one in 2017? anyways, this thing is SO cool! the only problem is, I'm going to have to destroy my wicked looking trident to make it, otherwise I won't have enough pieces. :(

    i only wanna know how to make the neck and tha last part< of the guitsr he end<<< were theirs 4 pieace kinda grey conectors.

    Sorry, can't really remember how it attached together myself now.

    you destroyed it.. wow

    Destroyed it after about a week. Still have a bit of it though.

    i made a guitar a while ago, with real guitar strings!, it didnt really sound much like a real guitar

    Hey il make you a deal.well if your interested and plz be... show me how to make this awsome guitar. and il add some pikups home made and il show you how to make it and insert it on this guitar to put it on a amp. cause well i want a knex guitar bas and this is the secound 1 i found. and its the best.

    The other one probably resembled a harp. It would be no good to play off an amp, as it cannot support real strings.