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Introduction: Knex Gun

a long knex gun, i made dont be to harsh, i know that this gun isn't top notch in the list but a. i dont have very much knex to use and b. im just experimenting with my guns. So well here it is, my gun. this is a gun that i made yesterday and it's not my first. thank you for looking

Step 1: Handle

well start easy, in this step well need

8 green connectors
2 yellow rods
1 blue rod

put it together

put 6 green on the two yellow connectors as shown
then the blue connector as shown

the pictures should be clear enough to use as an instruction on how to build it.

Step 2: Back Trigger

the trigger that you will use to activate the gun, fist you'll need

6 green connectors
3 yellow rods
3 yellow connectors
3 gray connectors
1 blue rod
2 green rods

put it together

begginning of two rods put a green conn., gray conn. on right yellow rod, 2 more green conn, 1 more gray conn., 3 green , and 1 gray connector.

on first notch on each gray conn. put the yellow rod on and attach yellow rod (or gray in my case) at end.

basically the rest should be according to the picture

Step 3: Front Trigger

you need

5 green connectors
2 light green connectors(note : these hold more support when putting ammo if you use regular green connectors the ammo will just slide out)
1 orange connector
1 yellow rod
2 red rods
3 green connectors
2 black half connectors with the ball on top(i have no idea what they are called)

you think you can build it using the pictures only?
its easy

Step 4: Bayonet

this will make the gun look like a WWII gun which is essential to the look.

you'll need

4 blue rods
2 yellow connectors

hopefully you'll be able to put it together based on the pic
level: easy

Step 5: Second Handle and Firing Pin

this will help you hold the gun and stop the wobbliness of the gun itself.

firing pin is well the thing you pull back to activate the ammo

second handle: two yellow connectors, 2 red rods, and the two little black rods with handles (optional still works same way)

firing pin: blue rod, gray connector, rubber band

Step 6: Putting It All Together

that's what a handle to back trigger looks like in first and second pics

this is the front trigger and bayonet being put together in the third picture complete in the fourth close up in the fifth pic

part underneath in the sixth picture.

7th-putting the second handle on
8th-done putting it on
9th-finished product
10th-parts in one next to each other, ready for the last step??
11th- putting in the firing pin
12th- putting in the rubber band
13th-the look of it when in

15th TADA!!!!!!!!



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    Were you drunk when you wrote there directions?

    howda u shoot?

    cool but too much green rods-i didnt have that much


    how do you fire and load the gun. As in, WHAT do you fire and how.

    cool just made it in 15 minutes , thanks

    2 hard!!!!