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coolkidtn2 years ago
HAHAHA. Mickey Mouse. Classic.
in the game, halo. does the plasma shoot 1 bullet/fireball or two (one from top, other from bottom) plz reply a.s.a.p. because im building my own, ill post a.s.a.p
Articas5 years ago
played the game once fav weapo n
knexjay Articas5 years ago
my fave weapon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plasma rifle ftw!!!!!!!
james4 knexjay3 years ago
plasma rifle is epic in halo reach they made a rifle version of plasma rifle in halo reach
~Meme~ james43 years ago
I like needlers better.
Dumchicken3 years ago
O MY GORSH TIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can just tell your on pills from that
stopanator5 years ago
wickid post please please and please
the last pic is a laser tag gun, which i happen to have.
r3ddr4gon5 years ago
dude u really have to post this
wildar975 years ago
dude post
Raikou-san5 years ago
Wow. "A wild Mickey Mouse appeared!" Nice plasma pistol. I might build it sometime off of the pictures.
SonicX 225 years ago
harpuia6 years ago
so it does fire? when you take the pictures try to decrease the bur.
Soopah Steve (author)  harpuia6 years ago
yes very well.
knex lord6 years ago
plz!!!! post plz i beg u its the best one i have seen in a long time 5 stars woot post
Soopah Steve (author)  knex lord6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Soopah Steve (author)  Soopah Steve6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Soopah Steve (author)  Soopah Steve6 years ago
for "family" Reasons. Im sorry'll be up as a christmas gift for all people
thank you so much thank you
Soopah Steve (author)  knex lord6 years ago
im still workin on it i have to make a resume for tech lab and i have a science project due friday. i will try to squeeze it in.
builder9686 years ago
knex lord6 years ago
can you plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post it I want to make it so bad
brammeke116 years ago
you shoot with the upper barrel, right? but it isn't straight. ???
Soopah Steve (author)  brammeke116 years ago
You do shoot with the upper barrel, and the curve is just a curve, its not the barrel. the gun was modded to LOOK like the real thing but not work like it. The curve is just there to make it look like the real thing.
please post.
Soopah Steve (author)  statified6 years ago
Vynash6 years ago
SWEET!!! post it!
Soopah Steve (author)  Vynash6 years ago
Really Nice!
Soopah Steve (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
Remeber its just a shell mod theres no mechanics by me whatsoever. all the mech belongs to Frozenfire99
Now I see his mech... Who cares?! this is SWEET!
Soopah Steve (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
lol =D
ironman696 years ago
Soopah Steve (author)  ironman696 years ago
bakenbitz6 years ago
Looks great!
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