This is my first instructable, so be nice. Constructive critisism is welcome, comment and leave a link to any other plasma pistol's(not slideshow's) or any mods you make to it. It does NOT shoot.BTW i already took this apart so...no better pics

Step 1: Handle

the pictures arn't the best, but please try.

Step 2: Upper Gun

build it, if you can

Step 3: Bottom

building the bottom and connecting

Step 4: Completion

This is it, now go kill some dang covinent (or communist's) (or facist's) or (socialist's) or liberals if you want to... T4z3r t1m3 l0lz 1337 5ki11
it is nice for a first instructable.
its ok but i whish it could shoot but for ur first gun good job
i would have made it shoot but i had used the pieces on other guns
do you live in central islip cuz my friend lives next to me and hes really into halo
no i live in a little town called Ghent, NY USA
thats a good idea, ill try that, also if you want you can do that your self and post it(but be sure to give me credits)
wuts so funny?

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