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This is a knex handgun, to load all you have to is pull the ram back. It uses the smallest rods for bullets, is easy to load, and is rubber band strung.

There are two versions: one with a block trigger (safer) and one with a true trigger (more realistic).

The block trigger is very comfortable and easy to use. You don't spin it, you press it. For the block trigger begin at step 1.

The true trigger is well, a true trigger. The general form is from dutchwarlord's handgun ( ). For the true trigger begin at step 7.

Note: to build this gun, you will have to cut some pieces.

The pictures are views from the sides of the gun.

Step 1: Magazine/handle

Picture of Magazine/handle

The magazine is the handle, like in a real handgun. It is not the most comfortable handle, but deal with it as it doubles for the magazine. The handle is attached in a tricky way to the body later on by the two black connectors at the top. A piece pushes the bullets into the body.

You can replace the blue snowflakes with the white/black snowflakes for less friction in the mag, and I recommend doing so. Check out step 8 for pictures of that mag.

Step 2: Barrel/body

Picture of Barrel/body

The barrel is very hard to build because it requires a lot of force and strength. Your fingers may hurt after this step. If something just won't go in, take something else apart, put the piece in, then put everything else back together. You will use three cut pieces in this step.

Step 3: Ram

Picture of Ram

This is a simple ram from killerk's knex handgun. Shouldn't be too hard to build. Wrapping the piece in duct tape keeps it from falling off.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Here you have to put all the pieces together. The trickiest part is connecting the body to the handle. If it won't go, try moving the two black connectors from the brown pieces on the handle up to the black pieces on the body, then just push the handle up to the body.

Step 5: Stringing

Picture of Stringing

Here is where you put the rubber bands on to the gun. You first string the trigger so it auto-locks, then you string the ram to the body. Follow the pictures.

Step 6: Loading and Shooting

Picture of Loading and Shooting

The fun part!

Load the bullets into the convenient slot in the handle, then push them up with the stick, which won't fall out of the handle. How easy!

Then you string the stick to the handle so it pushes the bullets towards the body. Again follow the pictures.

To load, you pull the ram back ALL the way. You will hear a click as the trigger auto lock, then another click as the next bullets loads into place. If you don't hear this click, hit the handle against your knee to push the stick further into the gun to load the new bullet. If you still don't hear a click , you are either out of bullets or your gun is jammed. Then you have to disassemble it (not fun). Then let go of the ram, and it will slide forward and the trigger will hold the ram and bullet in place until you pull the trigger. Don't forget to aim! And don't fire at people or living things. This gun can do a lot of damage, depending on how many rubber bands you used.

Have fun!

Step 7: Barrel for True Trigger

Picture of Barrel for True Trigger

The barrel is very hard to build because it requires a lot of force and strength. Your fingers may hurt after this step. If something just won't go in, take something else apart, put the piece in, then put everything else back together. You will use six cut pieces in this step.

Step 8: Magazine/Handle

Picture of Magazine/Handle

This is pretty much the same magazine, just a slight difference. Use black snowflakes instead of blue ones for less friction in mag.

Step 9: Ram

Picture of Ram

The ram is exactly the same, but u just sharpen it a bit so it passes the trigger with less force.

Step 10: True Trigger

Picture of True Trigger

This is the true trigger, based off of dutchwarlord's handgun trigger.

Step 11:

Picture of

The assembly is pretty much the same as version 1.

Step 12: Stringine

Picture of Stringine

The stringing is the same as in version 1, except for the trigger. To load and shoot see step 6.


Cristiano Ronaldo (author)2011-04-27

The ram is way too over blown

Miles Tails Prower (author)2009-01-09

CHEATER ALERT! PIECES HAVE TO BE CUT!!! TUI-TUI-TUI-TUI! 0.5 star rating system activated. Rated 0.5 stars. TUI-TUI-TUI-TUI!


he must be chinese


miles shut up.

wtf, just because he cut a part, doesnt make this worthless.

Me too! Except I rate 2*...

urukfan7 (author)2009-05-20

do you need to cut that thing

Demolesher (author)urukfan72010-04-28

 I think u can substitute it 4 a red con

legomaster50 (author)Demolesher2010-05-07

what does a red con look like

knex_mepalm (author)2009-05-23

are you sure this isn't a miniature uzi??

anddre111 (author)2009-02-23

IDK about what miles is saying but i likee bilding this because it was a challge and that it is a slef loading mechinsum, but i find that the ammo gets jamed some times but aside from that it waz a good gun :D

DJ Radio (author)2008-11-06

cool gun............until i found out that it was a block trigger. ill give it 3, will change to a 4.5 if you add a true trigger

mythbusterma (author)DJ Radio2008-12-30

what is wrong with a block trig?

flamesmage (author)DJ Radio2008-11-08

there's the true trigger

DJ Radio (author)flamesmage2008-11-09

cool, any pictures?

flamesmage (author)DJ Radio2008-11-09

yea the main pic, and go to step 7 to start building the one with the true trigger

flamesmage (author)DJ Radio2008-11-06

thanks for the feedback. i guess ill build some other people's guns and get an idea for a true trigger, then post it here. but that might be a while, as i don't have much spare time

knexfan9182 (author)2008-11-03

I like the mag but not much else sorry bout alot of people hate blocks so don't post any more block trigger guns please.

flamesmage (author)knexfan91822008-11-03

why do people hate block triggers so much? i like the one on this gun and think its really comfortable

knexfan9182 (author)flamesmage2008-11-04

Because it shows that you didn't put that much work in to it and that your a bad builder.

yah, you dont want to be a bad builder, you want to be a TOTALLY AWESOME BUILDER WHO BUILDS GUNS WITH 5 STARS!!!!!!!!! sorry, i go crazy sometimes, like co co co co co.

flamesmage (author)knexfan91822008-11-08

I added a true trigger check it out now

lord voldamort (author)2008-11-04

its not that hard to add a true trigger just give credit to the person you take the trigger from looks a lot like an uzi anyway

i added a true trigger

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