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Well, this is the instructable for the third of the "Knex Heavy Cannon" line.

Anyway, this cannon is quite similar to the v2 in many ways. The differences are that the bow is smaller, the barrel slides are shorter, smaller and more piece efficient, and the trigger is a tad smaller, there are no wheels on the back (they are still on the front, though), and I got rid of a few unneccasairy bits. Range is 70-80 feet.

I hope you all like it! Feel free to ask any questions.


I have made a few other versions of this gun. Check them out!

Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
This is where you will find out whether you have the pieces to make my cannon. I hope you gots the pieces!

Yellow----35 (If you have one, you can use one gold)

Dark Grey--90
Light Grey--8
Purple 3D--147
Blue 3D----59

#64 Elastics------20
Y Connector-----6
Tan Clip-----------3
Blue Spacer-----84
Silver Spacer---26
Grey wheel (as seen in photo) - 8


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sthornton19 months ago

awesome cannon didnt take as long to make as my other projects thanks!!!

jdoggkuhn3 years ago
this is so cool i dont hav enough knex 2 make but i finally got a instructables account
I_am_Canadian (author)  jdoggkuhn3 years ago
Cool! Welcome.
griess5433 years ago
AWESOME!!!!! I really like it. Keep up the good work.
I_am_Canadian (author)  griess5433 years ago
I am giving you credit cuz u got me an A+ on a science project with this cannon
I_am_Canadian (author)  bnsfwarbonnet3 years ago
Sweetup! Cheers!
wamper954 years ago
when u get my message (yes the author) please reply
I_am_Canadian (author)  wamper954 years ago
rustymia4 years ago
Yes, i am physic, nice instructables!
wamper954 years ago
i am also starting a hovercraft. i dont know how but i will do it.
step 1 get leaf blower, wood, tarp, and lots of duck tape.
wamper954 years ago
this is EPIC i would like to make one, but i am currently making a knex walker. i might post it, but it will take a while because i need a giant gear. its the last piece.
instruct394 years ago
you forgot to add how many medium wheels we need
I_am_Canadian (author)  instruct394 years ago
Thanks! All add them in.
your welcome!
inergy4 years ago
Wow. Just wow. This thing is amazing. I haven't gotten to test distance yet, but it tore a giant hole into a thick cardboard box, and wedged itself in the backside of it. Great Instructable, and great gun cannon thing. Great work yet again. Keep it up.
I_am_Canadian (author)  inergy4 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Cheers!
i really like it i just dont have the pieces
JSF5215 years ago
You might try 4 chains of *6* rubber bands. I used five and on my second shot my gun completely and totally blasted into pieces... :( :( :( 6 worked much better, and my gun works great! :) :) :) :) :) 5 star work, I_A_C
I_am_Canadian (author)  JSF5214 years ago
Good idea, thanks!
I thought nano was small o_o
I_am_Canadian (author)  shoopdawhoop135 years ago
I hadn't planned on going smaller :-p
1825155 years ago
I was aiming at my pillow but i hit the wall instead! it tore though the drywall!

GeekBeam 1825155 years ago
now that's why most knex cannons are not allowed in k'nex wars
Leegofreak5 years ago
cokeman5 years ago
looks great
I_am_Canadian (author)  cokeman5 years ago
Thank you sir :-)
Brad G5 years ago
 Is this possibe without no.64 elastics?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Brad G5 years ago
Yep, just tweak with whatever you have, and air on the side of caution, always :-)
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Sooooooo U gonna post my video soon on the instructables?
Just asking
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Hey I posted it =) watch it everyone!

What's a Emb Video code?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
Hey, Thats a very well made video! Best of luck selling!
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Well i'm going to try to sell it ok? I'll tell you if the copyright people arrest me. This isn't a copyrighted item and I doubt i'll get any issues. If i do, I won't blame anything on you.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
Okay. I might ask for a penny or two if it actually sells :-p
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Hey can I make a video of this shooting and stuff and post it on youtube? Possibly sell the cannon on ebay? I will give you full credit and link the instructions to this page and your youtube page. I might not even do it (Unless I have some time).
I_am_Canadian (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
I might want a bit more info on selling my models, we might bump into some copyright issues there...

But, go right ahead and make a video! If its good, I'll add it to the instructable.
Ok i'll make a video but it'll take a while. But you can get copyright issues on ebay?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
Selling Knex models? I'd imagine the actual knex company might disagree.
I wouldn't call it a "model" I would just say knex cannon or something. On ebay they sell ferris wheels or rollercoasters made already but not by the knex company's instructions. On pretty sure they didn't get copy right issues.
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