Knex High Power Crossbow





Introduction: Knex High Power Crossbow

Check out my new gun.Check This out.This is one of the most powerful single track crossbow on this site. It can go through 4 layers of cardboard and shoots over 100 feet straight. My patented ammo rarely twists or turns while it can still pierce very well. Please comment and rate. Look for version 2 in a few months. It will be even better than ever. The second video went through balsa wood and the cardboard.

Step 1: Barrel

A super strong and sturdy design.

Step 2: Handle

I couldn't take this apart but it shouldn't be too hard to build. Look carefully.

Step 3: Bow

The longest step.

Step 4: Support

This gives you an area to hold and strengthens the handle.

Step 5: Rubberbands

Use 2 strands or if you are strong and daring, 3.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Finally you are done with my best instructable.

Step 7: Destruction

Go crazy. Here is a picture of the ammo. There also is a missile and night shot. Do not aim a people as it will hurt.

Step 8: Grappling Gun

Shoots 30 feet and it is recommended to build multiples and then replace the whole thing instead of winding it up.



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    now, mine isn't as good as your version, but my crossbow that i made uses less pieces and fires pretty darn well. I might post some instructions on how to make my crossbow.

    but nice one man!

    Cool. Send me a message if you get around to making the instructable

    dude last night i almost finished it after an hour and a half, and then accidentally pressed cancel...sucked.

    i built it i made a mod to it and used 10 strings of rubberbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :) i used a arrow in it and it made a hole in the trash can lol

    do you have to use the blue spacers?

    I notice the wood had a pre-made hole in it as well as the cardboard...

    Yes but still, how did that hole get there. I only have enough pieces for this and it took me a month to build.

    well it was worth one month

    Yes it was. It was so hard for me to perfect the reinforcement. That took up almost 3 of the 4 weeks.