Hi! This is Knex_Gun_Builder showing you my latest creation! My knex high power pistol! It has the most piece efficent true trigger on the site!(my brother winchester shotgun invented the trigger),it also has a new low friction barrel. Range: about 75 feet! So lets get to building!

Step 1: Ammunition

Either a red rod or a grey rod.

Step 2: Trigger

this step shows how to make the trigger.

Step 3: The Barrel/sights.

This step shows how to make the barrel and sights.

Step 4: Ram.

This step shows how to make the ram.

Step 5: The Handle/handle Mount.

This step shows how to make the handle and its mount.

Step 6: Rubber Bands.

This step shows you what rubberbands to use.

Step 7: Putting It All Together/putting the Rubberbands On.

This step shows how to put it together and put the rubberbands on.

Step 8: Cocking and Loading.

This step shows how to cock and load the gun.

Step 9: Your Done.

Yes!!! Your done!!! Now go have some fun with my gun.
what is that fluffy thing on the rod? Is it tape?
Yes. And Rbr bands
could you add a little detail on the trigger attachment? Please?
how many blue spacers are in the middle of the two white connectors
i can only fit 2 is it a white rod?
I can only fit 2. Is it a white rod?
Way to steal a name mate.
are the shiny white things white rods<br>
can you make the pictur a little less blury
omgomgomg i remember building this a year ago, it was the first gun i ever made!!! thanks man!
Your welcome! I know I haven't posted anything in a year, but that is soon to change, I have the barrel all done on a 6 foot long sling shot!
looks kinda like a flint-lock...I&nbsp;AM&nbsp;BUILDING&nbsp;IT
great gun :) The trigger system is great<br />
shoots pretty dang nice man!!<br /> keep up the good work, and excellent trigger system =)<br />
sorry there's 3 in between each layer
How about 2 piece triggers? it worked for rbgs, won't it work for these? It rhymes when you say r and b and g and then these. a orange connector with a white rod make you wanna shoot tod! more rhymes, bad grammar, GRANDMA!
dood iz grmmr ahL u tlk abowt
Can anybody say which pistol is really easy to make and high power i want a good pistol but im a kind of noob
pretty much any ooddamo gun by bakinbitz or oblivious are easy to make and have great range!! (they r true trigger and have mags)
not the most piece efficient true trigger, there is another trigger just like that on other guns, and there are even more triggers with about 3 pieces. anyway, pretty kl none the less
hey i have seen a 4 piece truetrigger go and search M.S.R.
where has this trigger been posted?
Oompa's officially official secondary weapon. That specific trigger is pretty common, so I don't think it matters.
The 22 pistol is almost just like this except the arm has one piece to make it higher. Im sure it has been done other places though
Nice design, but give some credit to dsman1 for the DD-27 barrel. And I seriously doubt that this could go up to 75 feet, even with low friction.
the dd27 didnt have this barrel!
you are right, but it is really similar
the low friction barrel is different from the dd-27, its wider!
that wide part was the fake barrel that came after the real one.
do you like it?
i do, except for the handle, you could have done more
Techically, no. But, it did have the same base design. You just shortened it. I haven't built it yet, so I wouldn't completely know. But From the intro pic, the barrel looks very similar to that of the DD-27.
not exactly this barrel, but similar it is true
This thing is cool! nice... !
It's not the best trigger but that's all right =0<br/>
You built?
yes lol I made the trigger diff though ( I put the spacers near the gray spacers instead of handle
this looks like it would be easy to add a mag for white or green rods
its allright. not even gonna rate it. This is one reason why I stay away from knex pistols.
Neat little gun! Handles like that are really comfy:) And small friction barrel for more power! Nice gun! 4.5*:)

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