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Great job!

Rudy398311 months ago

you wrote step 4 twice :-o ?!?!?

It looks a bit like a tank
hockeyking2 years ago
Is it a crane
"if you can read this let me know"

Hide it.
o and by the way on step 5 i can read the smaller box
cool but wat is it?
that is cool
KNEX-pert3 years ago
Hey that thing is AWESOME! I think that deserves a five star rating! =)

P.S. Patriots8888 I think that is a mobile K'NEX crane.
Does it have a name (whatever it is)?????
angry sheep4 years ago
ashchetm5 years ago
hmmmmm, i wonder what its made out of... it could'nt possibly be knex could it? no possible way..... *ɯsɐɔɹɐɔs*
how do u type upside down all i know is how to type small
this i so cool
 yea, this builder is an amazing builder. he is one of the best on this site.
have you forgotten Tornado96 and Shadowman39?
go http://www.revfad.com/flip.html
how do u type small?
all u do is before whatever u type u put in a carrot it should look like this

dang the carrot did not show up!!!!
thew carrot is on the number 6 on your keyboard put it before whatever u wnat small
 ^good job
^huhh oh did it work
 ibles removed that feature  :(

its only for pro members only srry :(

sʞɹoʍ ʎllɐnʇɔɐ ʇı ǝpnp sʞuɐɥʇ
thats a waste of a reply my friend

haha looks like a headless walle
pudding3904 years ago
i think it is a tank
tayatipoop4 years ago
got the one in side
Take cover! That BTR has spotted you! (Wolverines, MW2 campaign)
Hunter Two-One, this is Overlord, you got an enemy helicopter loaded for bear, approaching your area, over.
I think I saw a Stinger in that diner to the west. (As usual, Ramierez is expected to get it and take down two helicopters while the rest of the team is sitting on their arses.) Roach, Soap, and Ramierez are expected to do everything.
In real life, they would move as a fireteam.
Exactly. But on the other hand, TF141 doesn't have to follow any protocol. They are just cool like that.
mberg5 years ago
it kinda looks stupid
Skyler.T5 years ago
this thing is awesome!!!!!
spricer9885 years ago
no offence but to me it looks like nothing
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