Knex Hybrid Interchangeable Shield, Crossbow, Gun





Introduction: Knex Hybrid Interchangeable Shield, Crossbow, Gun

This is an idea I had a while back. I finally got around to making it. This knex hybrid is a shield, crossbow and gun. The gun and crossbow are interchangeable. You can shoot both of them from behind the shield.

The crossbow is actually more like a sling shot. It does not have a trigger. The gun however has a true trigger and also a side loading slot, so you don't have to reach in front of the shield to load.

Parts list:


Gray rods: 19
Red rods : 3
yellow rods: 60 (Can be any length I had more yellow)
blue rods :1
white rods :14
green rods :20


blue connectors: 8
yellow connectors: 11
green connector: 60
red connectors: 11
light gray: 5
orange: 7
gray clip: 6
blue clip: 3

4 blue spacers
2 gray spacers
2 black hinge piece and one complete hinge
3 green flexi

Step 1: Make Shield

Pic 1: build 19
Pic 2: build
Pic 3: build
Pic 4: build
Pic 5: attach
Pic 6: attach other side panel
Pic 7: attach
Pic 8: attach yellow rods
Pic 9: build 3
Pic 10: attach all 19 on 2 gray rods
Pic 11: build 14
Pic 12: add 7 on each side
Pic 13: add

Step 2: Build Gun

Pic 1: build
Pic 2: add this onto the same rods
Pic 3: add these parts again onto the same rods. Barrel is done, now onto the trigger.
Pic 4: build
Pic 5: build
Pic 6: attach
Pic 7: put gray clip that is on the hinge in between both gray spacers.
Pic 8: add handle

I forgot to take a pic of the firing pin but it's just a orange connector on a red rod.

Step 3: Crossbow or Sling Shot

Pic 1: build
Pic 2: attach white rods
Pic 3: put on
Pic 4: attach side panel
Pic 5: build
Pic 6: attach

Step 4: How to Interchange

Pic 1 how to change into crossbow. Simple. The to small green rods at the end of attachment go into the shield like pic.

Pic 2 how to interchange the gun. Also simple. The 2 rods rods of the barrle go in the same place as the crossbow.

Step 5: Rubber Bands and Amo

For the crossbow do what is in pics. For the gun just put rubber bands on firing pin and hook them on the gun somewhere.

For the crossbow the ammo is a gray rod and a light gray connector.

For the gun the ammo is simply a green rod

If you don't understand anything let me know.



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    the 1 thing i whanna know is.............WERE CAN I GET 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :)

    ok, now normally i don't say this, but you might want to put a block trigger on the gun. with the true trigger your hand is completely exposed, and a block trigger should be easier to pull FOR THIS GUN.

    15 replies

     or you could have sear system or a lever ontop like iac heavy cannon 

    have some common sence, wear gloves, like me lol

    Well if someone would use this in war. (Which I don't think anyone would) If your hand gets hit even if you are wearing gloves, you would be out.

    no what i mean is that he was having trouble cocking it so wear gloves for grip

    i thought you only posated your best ibles and how did you get so much knex

    What are you talking about?? I do post my best ibles. And I get my knex off ebay.

    this doesnt look anywhere near your best

    o.o .O. wow......

    well think about it, the shield should protect you, but it's no use if your hand is out side of it. with the block trigger it can be pulled from the top of the gun, so your hand stays inside the shield the entire time.

    how can anyone fit behind the shield withought getting shot?

    or he could make the trigger upside down?

    yeah yeah, it makes sense, im just saying...

    or he could just make a smaller shield below the big one to protect the hands.

    dont make this gun if it backfires it could be painful i learnd that the hard w\ay

    ...not realy good...

    to change between the gun and crossbow mabey make use of those connectors that look like yellows but connect to make a right angle