In april when I first joined ibles, I made an Ipod dock the first day I came. It had a lot more features than the rest, but it was SO ugly! So, after looking at Tmbo17932s, I made on that's similar to his that fits my needs.
This one is completely different, but looks a lot like his, so I am giving him credit.


Step 1: The Front

For this step you will need :
6 purple connectors
2 yellow connectors
2 blue connectors
2 white rods
6 green rods

Connect a purple connector with a blue one and a yellow one with 2 green rods and a white. Now slide two other purple connectors on. Add a white rod on the edge.

Do this twice, the connect them with 2 green rods.
Not bad, 3 stars.
"3 stars? That's a bit low" -Anonymous Thanks, anything more than 2.5 is good!
Well, it's not because I don't have an Ipod, but it's because it looks a bit simple. Maybe I have a tip for improvement; isn't there some sort of extra on an Ipod? I heard of extra speakers or something. Maybe if you put some place to store these.
It allows you sync, charge, and play your ipod however you want. Simplicity is a pro.
Funny.... I think this is one of my best....
you inspired me to make a hydraulic knex stand for my nintendo ds! It goes up and down (kinda pointless but cool =P) but it broke yesterday...<br/>
Post one pic, and I'll be amazed! Too bad it broke.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_DS_hydraulic_stand/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_DS_hydraulic_stand/</a> yop.<br/>
ok I'll try to get it up asap but I got a ton of homework and other stuffz to do so it might be a while.... =P<br/>
VERY cool, i need to make one..
cool 5 stars I wish I had an Ipod
Still 2 views!
*ahem* your welcome~ pooie on ipods >:)

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