Knex Light Cannon V2.2


Introduction: Knex Light Cannon V2.2

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Check out my new gun. This is my second cannon and is stronger and more powerful. It uses more pieces than before. It shoots 30 feet farther on average and is much sturdier.

Step 1: The Trigger

Same as the Original.

Step 2: The Bow

Slightly Different. Build whole thing and then go to the V2.1 and V2.2 steps to modify.

Step 3: The Body

Completely remodified.

Step 4: The Stand

Same as the original.

Step 5: The Rubberbands

Use 3 or 4 if needed.

Step 6: Assembly

Yay your Done.

Step 7: Ammo

Same as the original. Use your Imagination a little.
D=distance in feet
W=weight in grams
P=piercing in layers of 2 ply cardboard

Step 8: V2.1

Changes the wheel frame a little.

Step 9: V2.2



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    i dont understand the body....i dont understand all of it

    yes but you will need to change the amount of spacers on the rods.

    i have a question tytyjul97 is your birthday july the 27 1997

    Sure you'd just have to chane the amount of spacers. ps nice kitty.

    and are those grey rods that run through the weels or reds plz repl to this one and my other questin


     Is the stand required?

    1 reply

    i just got yelled at for denting my neighbors shed it made a big dent and this gun is great i shot it from across my street across my driveway and it hit my basketball hoop and its up there its offishual nba hight

    Dude. Stop trying to copy IaC! His cannons will always be better than yours. And your's don't even look like cannons.

    6 replies

    How in the world am I coping his cannons if mine are a completely different design. Mine is more of an arrow shooter anyway, I just wanted to call it a cannon.

    1. You are trying to make many versions, like IaC 2. Then why did you call it a cannon?

    whats wrong with making many versions? ps I dont like this gun

    1. because this is a cannon, like IaC's, and that is sorta copying IaC...

    be nice and give him a break, well i like it and will build it if i have enugh parts for it!!!!

    *SIGH* Look at the date