this is just an idea of the 1st knex lowrider!

items needed:

knex (obviously)
any small motor
small thread (strong)
batteries for power (i use a 9.6v rechargeable battery pack)

Step 1: Hopping Part

the hopping part at the front

Step 2: Base

the base of the lowrider

Step 3: Body

the body of the lowrider. you can change it and make a custom 1

Step 4: Wireing

how to wire up the lowrider

Step 5: Weight

add some weight behind the back wheel so it should bounce a bit higher. i use batteries
lol yummy!!
lol wat!!!
Does it have suspension?
I'm trying to make somethin' like this, but using a normal Knex engine :) It works pretty good but it is way too heavy too be a lowrider already (mine).
try putting the motor on the back. that will reduce the need to put more weight on the back i think...
Thanks but i already figured it out ;)
thats pretty good, i used to be into making knex cars...dont you have a knex motor?
yeah you can but you will have to put loadddddss of weight on the back to get it off the ground at all!
Interesting idea!
thanks! check the video. it's got the body of a 64 impala

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