Picture of Knex MD80 Scale Model, 4 1/2 ft long!
This is from the same dude who made the Knex 787 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQsnrvlWJpA

I made a K'nex MD 80, a much more realistic one than my K'nex 787. This time, the cross section is more accurate, and it is more of a tube. It is more circular appearing, and it is more structurally sound, and I hope to make some great crashes. I would make a full instructable, but I need to reproduce the making of the wings, the landing gear (Unretractable, and the back 2 are just giant wheels. Purely for support, not form). It has seats too, based roughly on real MD80 seating arrangements. It holds... 136 (Including crew), 3 short of the max capacity of 139. I created seats and floors. My future plans will hopefully include stick figure people, and maybe a steward cart for the stereotypical "OMG A CART" scenes in movies. Hopefully, a full instructable will come this way, but since Instructables only allows full ones, I'll include the basic fuselage construction. If you have this much K'nex, you need a lot, you probably should be smart enough to modify this for your other designs. I plan to use this design for future planes, since it seems it would be usable on many of the smaller planes.
LvNo10002 years ago
Quite an impressive and brag-worthy plane, but it needs better instructions and a better main pic. 3.5/5
Get those two and I will happily give it a 5/5 :D
superwierdo4 years ago
best plane i've seen whole day.........looks soooooo effin awesome
joshualater5 years ago
I would really appreciate it if you posted
ive made the fusalarge but the tail and nose, could you post or send me, thanks
webby4275 years ago
nice 4.5* but if you filled the wings in it would be 5*
ferrari4845 years ago
 i got to say i love the nose of that plane

kingofknex5 years ago
personaly i would change the landing gear and fill in the wings then u got the best model on the site they r easy to make the gear i made
Merugop5 years ago
 Lol don't you have homework to do?
It looks cool 
squarepants6 years ago
nice one-love the seats
Mushrooshi (author) 6 years ago
Scary thing was that just a few days ago I flew to Atlanta and back to San Antonio in MD80s. I knew the plane I was flying in and how I crashed it lol. We also got some turbulence and the plane dipped a bit. Since I was on a school trip, and for some reason I was isolated from the rest of my group, one of the teachers probably asked a flight attendant to check on me. He asked how I felt about the turbulence, and I said "Quite honestly, turbulence is really fun".
ferrari4846 years ago
nice plane looks great ow and this isn't the only one knex plane that is a look a like just take a look at mine spitfire
This is really nice! Fill in the wings, and you've got the best model on this sight.
knexguy6 years ago
Good, the wings could do with some work though.
pls6 years ago