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First thing no I haven't come back to instructables yet. I'm making instructions for my friends at my forum and well...instructables makes it a lot easier. I still figured I ought to publish it so you guys can view it.
Well here's my MP5k. More specifically this is version 3. Well we have an MP5k already but I wanted to try too...something tells me someone will make a better MP5k than me too because it seems everyone tries to beat me but whatever. This is a decent weapon but I made more for looks. I wouldn't know because I only test fired it to make sure it worked. I'll most likely keep updating because I know it's still not near perfect. A longer magazine is one of those things yet to come.

By the way please visit my gaming forum if you haven't already. Clicky clikcy Pardon any down time just check back later. We are constantly updating and take requests.

Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Picture of Handle and Trigger
Yes it's almost exactly the same as my AK-74. It worked well for me so...yeah.
1. Handle and connection to the gun. Hopefully you can figure it out as easy as others
2. Trigger...simple. Green rod in the the tape.
3. Trigger in front of the handle.
4. Back part...uh we'll call it the butt cap
5. Butt cap capping the butt...
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Big Ideas2 months ago

great easy to follow instructions! :)

XxsonicxX3 years ago
Most epic of all epicness of epic mp5k models. epic comes in many sizes but yours has past epic and beyond
TheDunkis (author)  XxsonicxX3 years ago
Um, thanks. o_O Really, by today's standards it's pretty cruddy. There are better ones out there now.
1322mike4 years ago
i have searched loads of mp5k videos and this is the most authentic one ive found so far great job!, i love it! 5*
TheDunkis (author)  1322mike4 years ago
Lol well thanks but this thing has fallen far behind since I first made it. There are better ones out there and I could probably make my own better version basing it off my UMP if I wanted to.
spijk8605 years ago
you must put at the open place a small bleu connector
do you need the ball connecter
no because you should NOT build it, its a waste of time
Is this worth building?
Honeslty? No, it is a good design and looks appealing, but the power is very bad, bullet was lucky to make it out of the barrel with me. Well others may have had better expierences, but not me.
that just means you have crappy rubberbands
nope, i built it and had fun pointing it around but never shot, 3 stars because it looks kool, also not very innovative. check out my ible!! iz awsome
nope, i built it and had fun pointing it around but never shot, 3 stars because it looks kool, also not very innovative. check out my ible!! iz awsome
TheDunkis (author)  Storm9506 years ago
It isn't very strong for some reason but it worked just fine for me. Of course everyone is about power these days so I guess I can't help you there.
all i care about with the guns i build is that they look good, and shoot more than 15 feet. its cool if they peirce through boxes but it dont bother me if they cant. very goodd gun on my standards, 5 stars
and to tell the truth i'm building this cause i like mp5ks
but yeh its pretty cool
are the red pieces conected to the purple rod
whats that piece in the middle of the black and red connector
love it 5*
pogojoe5 years ago
This is an amazing gun! I made 2 and used 'em for a knex war with my mate.
I won thanks to this baby!
dumdum246 years ago
this dont evem work .1
worked damn frikin well for me, but i had about 20 tries making this, and had to fix up alot of jamming errors, but after that, it shoots like a, well like a something. it shoots well if you make it a sling cock. if you do that its very accurate and quiet too. 4 stars, cos it was so hard to make.
TheDunkis (author) 6 years ago
Good news people. I know how many of you had problems with the gun and it just doesn't work well. I think I might remake the MP5k in a complete new style so that it works a lot better along with looking good. I can't promise this will happen as I have many other projects but I sure am hoping it will come true.
I thought you said you weren't coming back here. Anyway nice gun. It acutally looks real
Removable mag? on this i mean
TheDunkis (author)  happybirthday6 years ago
Yeah. It would probably be based off of the UMP just with an MP5k style. Most likely it will be similar to my UMP-45u that I showed for kicks and giggles.
yhe yhe but can you please tell us the RANGE?
poserboy1235 years ago
do you need tape on the trigger?
is the handle doubled or just one sided
knexpert16 years ago
what is the range?
gtrain6 years ago
machop2006 years ago
ok im confuzzled
tthomasvd6 years ago
you have really nice guns TheDunkis really!
bob19146 years ago
i gess it work good i haven't bild it yat but it lookes like it shoots well.
Rhino256 years ago
here_i_come_i_am_cinamon you call that alot of pieces. SERIOUSLY!
my cousin stole alot of them
SonicX 226 years ago
lol im going to make this exept with 2 - 3 mags lol
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