This is my awaited MRL: Mini Rocket Launcher!

  • 30-50 ft. depending on bullet and bands
  • Small-ish
  • Sights

  • Long Reload Time
  • Sometimes The Bullets Break During Impact With A Hard Surface

Sorry about the few blurs there are, It showed it better on the camera.
Lets get to building it!

Step 1: Build These Parts

Build these parts

Step 2: Build Sights

Step 3: Stock and Body

Stock And Body

Step 4: Barrel


Step 5: Attach Sights

Attach Sights

Step 6: Adding RB's and Loading

Adding RB's And Loading

Step 7: Firing + End

Firing + End
just built it a day ago hurts like hell when you get hit by it i had 10 #64 rubber bands on it and the round went 100' on kidding
Sweet! Glad you like it!
what is the gun never herd of it
I made it up.
hey im halfway done with this but i ran out of green rods for the stock so im just taking it off but this seems like it will work very good ill try to finish it 2morow
Cool! Yeah you don't really need the stock.
yeah i didnt have enough for the grip under the barrel but i think ill try to make one without green rods it will probly fail but what the heck
You don't need the grip, It's just nice.
yes and i finished it!!!! it is amazingggg!!!! although it used most of my green rods I LOVE THIS GUN cuz it is awesome!! thanks for posting it!
Cool! Glad you like it! Please rate and subscribe!
Yup I rated 5*s and im just going to subscribe now!
no problem!
i lengthened the stock and handle, put a cheek rest, removable scope, and a awesome bullet the length of two red rods. wanna pic?
If I remake it I'll add one.
lol woops. did you bleed?
Cool. Make sure you use #64's
Darn. Some people have had luck, but not all. Sorry.
I don't remember. Maybe between 30 and 40.
Is this an RPG/Bazooka?<br />
Yeah.<br />
Why is this in the recents??
i dunno DJ said that too.<br />
I had a theory about rating a re-posted ible for some time now, I tried it out, I gave it 5*, but the rating dropped lol. <br />
huh. I thought you couldn't rate your own ibles.<br />
You can, even though it says &quot;you cannot rate your own instructable&quot; just ignore that message and do it anyway, they do not stop you, they just assume you will listen to the message.
lol nice!<br />
It is better not to rate your own in my opinion.
I didn't know it worked<br />
It does, did you try it?
yeah, but it didn't work<br />
Oh, other people have been able to do it though.
No, I tried it on YOUR&nbsp;ible.&nbsp; <br />
oh.... ?<br />
what kind of bands do you use?
&nbsp;would use size 64 if possible.<br />
no, what kind did you use to get that range? i used #64 and got about&nbsp;3 metres range.
Oh. How many did you use? Just one? If so, add more.<br />
Wow. Okay, is any piece that would come into direct contact with the bullet not connected properly? Are the rubberbands connected so that the bullet rubs against them? Is it your ammo? You could try switching types. If&nbsp; none of that works you could show me pics of it.<br />
i took it apart, it was pretty cool looking though.
Well, okay.<br />
Made it again, now it rocks, 5*
Cool! Thats kinda funny how it didn't earlier and it does now.<br />
I think it was because i was using some broken parts, but it worked, and to make it stronger I completely overhauled the whole thing, now the stock is a lot stronger, and the barrel is longer and the track is thinner, it fires the high caliber standard round and gets 50 ft. range.

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