Step 1: Total


Step 2: The Base

The first part of the gun!

Step 3: Another Angle =o

Nothing to say, just watch

Step 4: The Bottom

The bottom part :)

Step 5: The Bottom

again :)

Step 6: The Face

This part is useless

Step 7: The Hards Guns

The hardest part of the making :(

Step 8: The Powerfull Shots

The elastics part :)

Step 9: Other Angle


Step 10: The Guns

This is the boriest part

Step 11: The Elastics

Boring step too

Step 12: The Reload


Step 13: The Reload Again

Step 14: Overall


Step 15: Overall


Step 16: Reloaded

I took few secondes.
THAT IS AWSOME.<br>But I dont have enough knex :(
&nbsp;if you put it on a stand so it spins itself(with a moter) you could make it realy (and alot of realys) realy fast and cooler<br /> <br />
&nbsp;how many pieces does it take....<br /> <br /> i dont like to start somthin big unless i know i have enouth pieces<br /> <br />
it was so easy to make i made it in less then a hour when i fell up to it ill make a video of how to make it with better pics and details to help u guys out<br /> <br />
doesn't every man want 155 balls? lol
whats does that 155 balls mean?
not really machine gun. still cool
more like a round from a turret, you would 3 of these in a war i bet
no!! it looks so cool and fun but i dont have anuf pieces
That was the best gun i have ever made no doubt thanks foxmaster001
That is so cool
thats sick! i wish i had all those peices.
Make 20, and roll 'em out from cover. tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat....
make an Instructable for it please I want to make it but I can't follow the pictures
there is a problem, i made this gun myself and I cant show a better tuto :( I added many pieces at the end :s this is not easy to make, sorry guys :(
I saw this on youtube A long time ago.. Nice pictures. You should really add more though.
did you know you can add more images to one step?
no i didn't know :o sorry (lol)
haha LOL
nice! its like the perfect ducks cyclone but without the chain links =D<br/>
...nice title... looks cool, 5 stars
ty :)

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