Picture of Knex Machine Gun 155 balls
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Step 1: Total

Picture of Total

Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base
The first part of the gun!

Step 3: Another angle =o

Picture of Another angle =o
Nothing to say, just watch

Step 4: The Bottom

Picture of The Bottom
The bottom part :)

Step 5: The bottom

Picture of The bottom
again :)

Step 6: The Face

Picture of The Face
This part is useless

Step 7: The Hards Guns

Picture of The Hards Guns
The hardest part of the making :(

Step 8: The Powerfull shots

Picture of The Powerfull shots
The elastics part :)

Step 9: Other angle

Picture of Other angle

Step 10: The Guns

Picture of The Guns
This is the boriest part

Step 11: The elastics

Picture of The elastics
Boring step too

Step 12: The reload

Picture of The reload

Step 13: The reload again

Picture of The reload again

Step 14: Overall

Picture of Overall

Step 15: Overall

Picture of Overall

Step 16: Reloaded

Picture of Reloaded
I took few secondes.