Knex Machine Gun





Introduction: Knex Machine Gun

Finally I have finished my newest gun. Because it doesn't work very well though I am not going to make an instruction for it. I just thought that I would show it off and perhaps have somebody make it better.
After having spent probably 2 months on it and still not working I have decided to post what I have.
Pros- Can be tilted up
actually looks like a machine gun/gatling gun
it fires from a mag.
most of it is pretty strong
when it did shoot it shot 20 feet
Cons. The crank part of the gun is very bendy
the mag jams all the time.
the barrel doesn't spin very fast
trying to pick it up sometimes it breaks and falls
not really inventive



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    58 Discussions

    Looks like it could have been cut way down in size

    Why is it so big?

    i think you need a crane, before you can wear it :)

    look at my full auto its on my slideshow called some of my new guns 
    its alot better and mine doesnt use a chain either

    dude this gun is huge it looks like it took 1 billion any way it kicks butt

    I understand the situation, but sometimes bigger is better, civilian kills are unavoidable sometimes. If all else fails... bring in the special forces.

    bigger is not always better nub and judging by the cons It seems it could get some work done before you post it.