An Mecha-Walker-Like iPhone/iPod Touch Stand made of Knex.

Step 1: Basic Leg

Using a yellow rod, a blue rod and a yellow and a red connector make a leg element like seen in the picture. This is the basic support of the structure.

Step 2: Repeat Previous Step 3 Times and Join Them With Yellow Rods

Repeat last step 3 times and join the first three with a yellow rod.
Insert an yellow rod on the opposite side of the "central" connector of the leg elements so it gets a chicken feet like appearance.

Step 3: Build a Blue Star and Stick a Pair of Parallel Rods

Build a blue star and stick a pair of parallel rods so it looks like the picture.

Step 4: Insert the Star to the Leg Elements.

Insert the star between the leg element left alone and the first of the three inner leg elements

Step 5: Put Stoppers Between the Legs So They Don't Spread Under Stress.

Stick a yellow rod between the bottom connectors and add a pink and a gray stopper to add stability between each element.

Step 6: Join Both Legs

Join both legs, first with an red rod, then with two white rods and a white connector. Try to separate each leg as much as possible.

Step 7: Build the Actual IPod IPhone Holder

This is a minimal iPhone holder, it can be used as an stand alone holder, or as a part of the Mecha stand. Notice how the frame isn't rectangular, but a little triangular so it can support other devices and fit tightly to the rest of the stand.

Step 8: Add the Holder to the Rest of the Stand and Add an IPhone!

Add the holder to the rest of the stand structure like seen on the picture. The holder sticks to the red connector between both legs. It's important to adjust the height of the stars so the iPhone stands at the needed height.
<p>thanks but I added another stand I made to secure it better</p>
Awesome instructable. You'll notice on mine I put grey connectors instead of yellow because I was out.
Hey man, thanks for this stand I will definitely build later.XD
That sounds great, Can't wait to see your Instructable!
i like this i added bits to it like wheels and a motor to it and strengthit round the ipod bit
cool ive added wheels and motor to my version i just copied urs and added
Cool, got my iPhone 3G 2 days ago, I could do with a stand as well.

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