Picture of Knex Mortar
Okay, I finally got an in structable posted. It only took me a year and 10 prototypes to get the design right. But I'm sure it will please you. It is my first instructable so I want alot of comments. This is the first scale Morter on this sight. so lets get started.

Step 1: First base

this is the base that holds the morter. Just follow the pictures.
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NJL4JC3 years ago
very cool.
stryker34 years ago
I built it, but it went 10 feet. I think I did it wrong.
stryker34 years ago
you could've used less pieces on the base. I made my own base that uses less pieces and still works great.
jack6914 years ago
this is great for knex wars and i have bulit it and got it to go 55 feet high and 80 feet in distance.
miles5104 years ago
i dont actualy see hw to put te band on
how far does it shoot??????
TheDunkis6 years ago
Pretty cool. Too bad it only uses small rod ammo instead of a bigger caliber. It would be great if someone made a mortar that could launcher either IaC's War Bombs or my X8D Suplody for a devastating effect. This is still really good though.
I'll try.
im gonna make a knex mortar and put my very own knex grenades as ammo so it can have more of a devastating effect.
Suplody? LOL And Im actually working on top of a grenade launcher. On top of micro cannon, full auto, pistol, and sidearm...
suplody? I need to remember that for a joke. lol.
Super-Splody. Make sense? Well I look forward to it. It would be a great war addition.
Lol yeah
i made a mortar that fires shoes.
I modded this to fire I_A_C's ammo, plus, you drop it down, and it automatically fires, like the real one.
defo on iac's war bombs there awsome
pls6 years ago
a year to perfect it?!
jaghead 96 (author)  pls6 years ago
pls jaghead 966 years ago
did you work on it every day lol?
jaghead 96 (author)  pls6 years ago
na I worked on it every other day
How far does it go
pls jaghead 966 years ago
thats still alot lol
dumdum246 years ago
i dont know should i build this
if says to use it outside it must be pretty powerful
necromonger6 years ago
do i have to cut of that orange connector
fib3roptix6 years ago
Is it possible to make a stripped down version of this knex mortar? Like a Bazooka
stormz766 years ago
I cant do the blue thing that connects to the yellows how the heck did u do it ?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Mind if i post a sniper/cannon this with this design cause it has insane power and pain (and its silent until it hits its target!!).
jaghead 96 (author)  mega man 4bm6 years ago
sure as long as you mention that the Idea came from me
how far can it shoot
Abominatus6 years ago
tis very good,so well done, but the trigger is wrong. the way a mortar works is when you drop the ammo into the tube, the impact sets-off a percusion cap connected to a charge. the charge blows up and sends the ammo flying. when I was making my mortar I tried to make it so to fire I had to pull back the bands to the trigger. I would the drop the ammo in, releasing the trigger, sending the ammo flying. I failed to do this... you should give it a go.
it is very difficult to have a self triggered knex knex like that u need an extremely large barrel and u might need to use something else as the ammo besides knex
no, knex ammo would do... all you need to do is have te trigger release inside the barrrel so when the ammo is dropped in, the trigger is released.
it the mortar would consume atleast 900 or more peices that not a lot of people have
jaghead 96 (author) 6 years ago
It shoots about 50ft. high and 70ft. distance.
reply not just post a comment
jaghead 96 (author) 6 years ago
thanks a lot. thats pretty sweet that you faved it. Especially because this is my first instructable. And sorry about using your barrel without crediting you in the introduction of my rifle.
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