Picture of Knex Mortar
Okay, I finally got an in structable posted. It only took me a year and 10 prototypes to get the design right. But I'm sure it will please you. It is my first instructable so I want alot of comments. This is the first scale Morter on this sight. so lets get started.
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Step 1: First base

this is the base that holds the morter. Just follow the pictures.

Step 2: Second base

Give a general description of the Stepthis is the stand that holds up the barrel. Again, just follow the photos.

Step 3: End of barrel

Picture of end of barrel
this shows you how to build the end of barrel. Follow pics.

Step 4: Mechanism end of the barrel

This is the end that is attached to the base. these steps might be a little confusing but you should get it follow pics.

Step 5: Sight(optional)

Picture of sight(optional)
this is the sight pretty self-explanitory. you don't have to build it but it kind of works.

Step 6: Rubberband placement

Picture of rubberband placement
this is where the rubberbands are placed.

Step 7: Connections

this is the step that connects everything. Attaching the bottom barrel to the base is kind of hard.

Step 8: Bullet

Picture of bullet
build bullet.

Step 9: Loading the morter

Picture of loading the morter
Give a general description of the Stepthis is how you load the mortar.

Step 10: Firing

just pull on the red connecter attached to the blue rod and it fires.

Step 11: You Are DONE!!!!!!

Picture of You Are DONE!!!!!!
you are now done with the mortar go shoot it outdoors! any questions? just leave comment and I'll get to you as fast as I can.
necromonger6 years ago
do i have to cut of that orange connector
stormz766 years ago
I cant do the blue thing that connects to the yellows how the heck did u do it ?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!