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Introduction: Knex Music Stand

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This is part of the all-new NON-GUN related knex items being made. It is a music stand, and I must say it is better than the horrible folding one I bought.

Oh, and all the pics got flipped for some reason

Step 1: The Base

This is the base.It is weird and some pieces are strained. Also, DO NOT FORGET THE WHEELS, THEY WORK AS A WEIGHT

Step 2: The Stand

Build this stand.Mod to your liking.

Step 3: Stand.

Build the stand like this. Build as tall as you want.



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    listen well, im only gonna say this once.

    Piano, keyboard, trumpet, drums, ukulele, xylophone, recorder, marimba and Rockband instruments.

    got it?

    Thats all? LOL Thats pretty impressive. I play Violin and Piano, and Im learning soprano Uke.

    yeah, but i don't play uke and recorder that seriusley, I just play for fun. Unlike piano trumpet and drums.

    did you build my music stand?

    I did not build yor music stand (sorry), I have one of those wrought Iron stands that are indestructible. What grade piano are you in?

    my teachers ( yes i have had about 6 ) don't use books, but I am learning the simpsons theme and Zelda music.

    zelda xd link is awesome it does not matter whether he wheres a dress tights or pants elves are not supposed to where regular clothes

    oky game but cod4 is better (call of duty 4)

    R6v was one of those games that started out booming and died down really quick.


    lol, no. all the saxophone guys in my school are the Jocks, trumpets are smart, flutes are all girls, same with clarinets, drummers are the loudest and even smarter, piano is abnoxious, same with guitar.

    abnoxious git....your own words...apart from git.

    Weird... pretty much the opposite in my school, The saxes are the smart ones(all but me), the trumpets are REALLY loud, flutes and clarinets are all girls(except 3), and the percusionists are the ones you're surprised got out of kindergarten.

    HEHEHE, the trumpets in my school are loud, and they are right behind the Saxs.........

    Same here, the Trumpets don't know how to play, the flutes are smart, except for two in the back row..., the Trombones are always talking, I'm amazed that the precussionists made it through preschool Except for 1... And the Tubas are amazing!!