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Introduction: Knex Music Stand

This is part of the all-new NON-GUN related knex items being made. It is a music stand, and I must say it is better than the horrible folding one I bought.

Oh, and all the pics got flipped for some reason

Step 1: The Base

This is the base.It is weird and some pieces are strained. Also, DO NOT FORGET THE WHEELS, THEY WORK AS A WEIGHT

Step 2: The Stand

Build this stand.Mod to your liking.

Step 3: Stand.

Build the stand like this. Build as tall as you want.



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listen well, im only gonna say this once.

Piano, keyboard, trumpet, drums, ukulele, xylophone, recorder, marimba and Rockband instruments.

got it?

Thats all? LOL Thats pretty impressive. I play Violin and Piano, and Im learning soprano Uke.

yeah, but i don't play uke and recorder that seriusley, I just play for fun. Unlike piano trumpet and drums.

did you build my music stand?

I did not build yor music stand (sorry), I have one of those wrought Iron stands that are indestructible. What grade piano are you in?

my teachers ( yes i have had about 6 ) don't use books, but I am learning the simpsons theme and Zelda music.

zelda xd link is awesome it does not matter whether he wheres a dress tights or pants elves are not supposed to where regular clothes

oky game but cod4 is better (call of duty 4)