Picture of Knex P2000
Knex P2000 comeing soon! with false shell ejection port
sammyhond14 years ago
plzzzz post
Late much...
nope ur 2years late much :) look at the date of my post .... then try to be a smartass again plz :)
Look at the post of the gun and SHUT THE HELL UP!
Look at ur post ;) so ur just as late as i'm ;) So u shut up :)
Do you think that he still has this gun?
nope but i thought he would have the instructions or some more pic's .
Okay, if he had instructions and you couldn't find them and this is 4 years old, why would you ask?
pffft rage much i dont even gonna bother to awnser anymore...
No, you just can't think of a comeback.
another year late!!!!!!! party time
Gosh, you need to research. http://www.instructables.com/id/P-2000/
poptart645 years ago
more like a desert eagle
Mr. Chip6 years ago
wow i have a knex pistol with a locking slide, but yours dominates all. nice glock bro!!!!!!!!!!!
smidge1477 years ago
does it have a slide lock?
ya, i can see the one from his glock on it.
The Jamalam7 years ago
post this one too
Why not upgrade?!!
combatknex7 years ago
will you please do 2 thin gs for me: i want to see a huge pile of how much knex you have + all your guns with it. and at least post instructions for at least 1 of your guns. and check out my new knex HUGE pistol
knexguy67 years ago
is awwsome but i think it looks like a glock. butt stil please post it
Storm9507 years ago
Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost. Please (YN) <--- Msn fingers crossed ;)
he ironman can you take a picture of all of your knex I really want to now how many knex you have
Trauts7 years ago
Looks like it has the best slide out of all the other slide guns I've seen. I.E. it doesn't add bulk, it looks like it's supposed to be there, and it looks like it will slide very well (no clashing parts, smooth slide).
wrong no offence ironman but i made it and the slide wobles left to right its not even sucered on
Yeah, I didn't make it, that was just off looks, but i'm very surprised at that, it looks so sturdy.
ironman69 (author)  Trauts7 years ago
it is I mean it has a little! woble but not as much as silentassasiin implies
ironman69 (author)  silentassasin217 years ago
because you must have made some thing wrong mine does not have much woble
post it post it I'm dieing
paperninja7 years ago
does this gun have the removable clip like your previous one?
ironman69 (author)  paperninja7 years ago
it does
Badger_Man7 years ago
this is really pissing me of, i see all theese cool knex guns (your's is AWESOME) and i have no knex...
Spend all your monaey and buy them. :)
The Jamalam7 years ago
sweet please V soon
Mad Cat7 years ago
Lol, get some off eBay.