Knex P90




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Introduction: Knex P90

Knex P90:

Positive points:

Comfortable Handle
Good stock
Good and right sight
If the rubberbands are loaded, it looks like the P90 magazine!

Negative points:

Barrel end can only hold like 12 rubberbands, not really negative, but if you put on more, it will explode, and break the barrel in much pieces...



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    It is OK because it is semi auto. the problem is that it needs to be less of a skeleton and be filled up.

    post post post post post pppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssssss

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    are u kidding me. way to skeletal look at dutch war lords p90

    Also make it shoot knex pieces. is this a first?

    i say post too.

    Can anyone comment on anything besides its lack of resemblence or name?Anyways,3.5,good rubber band capacity, needs more on looks,maybe if you fill in the spaces it WILL look like an p90,and better than my first gun :)

    HOLY... MOLY... COW!!!!!!!!! That is NOTHING like a P90... it's ugly!

    looks nothing like a P90, it looks more like an attempt to oust trauts and his P90, which you havent....

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    yeah he does, he just didnt post it.