Knex P90:

Positive points:

Comfortable Handle
Good stock
Good and right sight
If the rubberbands are loaded, it looks like the P90 magazine!

Negative points:

Barrel end can only hold like 12 rubberbands, not really negative, but if you put on more, it will explode, and break the barrel in much pieces...
It is OK because it is semi auto. the problem is that it needs to be less of a skeleton and be filled up.
tayatipoop4 years ago
post post post post post pppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssssss
are u kidding me. way to skeletal look at dutch war lords p90
kgb's p90 is much better ;P
Also make it shoot knex pieces. is this a first?
i say post too.
2hot2hack4 years ago
needs more work
MrSillyGuns4 years ago
no comment
smashpoe5 years ago
Can anyone comment on anything besides its lack of resemblence or name?Anyways,3.5,good rubber band capacity, needs more on looks,maybe if you fill in the spaces it WILL look like an p90,and better than my first gun :)
That thing's pugly!
Shredder5435 years ago
HOLY... MOLY... COW!!!!!!!!! That is NOTHING like a P90... it's ugly!
DJ Radio6 years ago
looks nothing like a P90, it looks more like an attempt to oust trauts and his P90, which you havent....
Trauts doesn't have a P90 though
yeah he does, he just didnt post it.
Is there a picture?
Don't worry i found it
where is it
barrax DJ Radio6 years ago
TRAUTS' P90?!?!? wheres that?
DJ Radio barrax6 years ago
its in his first or second forum topic...
poserboy1236 years ago
that looks nothing like a p90
Undermig6 years ago
knex poopy p90
stoshy6 years ago
yeah ive seen alot better p90s on this site that are better no of fence
paperninja6 years ago
um....dudent look like a P90! im not trying to be harsh but if you at least TRY to make a better one you could, and my definition of a P90 would have the removable clip on top
An Villain6 years ago
first pic looks like s*** and magazine because of the other yellow box
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
whahahaha what is that ? a dog ? 0.5 strars
Trauts6 years ago
My advice on replicas. Because it's a replica, people are going to base their thoughts primarily on looks alone. Therfor It has to look as good as possible for it to do well, because if it doesn't even look good, people probably won't even try to make it in the first place, even if it functions amazing. Also, If you lack pieces it makes it very difficult to replicate because when replicating, piece-efficiency is thrown out the window and you must fill in the empty areas of the gun with more pieces in order to make it look good. I hope you actually read this comment and keep knexing for a while. Look forward to more of your stuff. :) PS - I'm the guy DJ radio is talking about down below.
FutJJ (author)  Trauts6 years ago
oh ye, im gonna make a tommy gun next time i think
FutJJ (author)  Trauts6 years ago
ty, actually this was a project, wich started to look like a p90, and i made it mroe looking like it, and it fitted good, but off course, im not a rich guy wich has much knex, totally not... this is like my whole ccollction knex...
FutJJ (author) 6 years ago
Ty for the rating, hope you will help me with corrections ofn V1.2 too :) (i put V1.2 cus no much changes)
i like the system with the true trigger, butt somethings too work on to make it better is -the body -the triger guard Maybe you could make it more compact or are you short on pieces?
FutJJ (author)  fobblewabble6 years ago
Better said, out of pieces xD but im making the trigger guard better in V2
FutJJ (author)  FutJJ6 years ago
This is a P90, search it on google and look, its the ideal copy, no crap like i see on google: Knex P90, there are ppl wich puts 2 rods, and says thats the handle -.-
pls6 years ago
Not to bad:)
amtdude6 years ago
i like it nice job:)
FutJJ (author) 6 years ago
Comment plz :) Hard work :S