Knex P90 Version 2

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Introduction: Knex P90 Version 2

Version 2 of the P90

For info about the Knex P90, see my earlier creation



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    I'm about to cry

    That is not an P90, the P90 has an straight stock/back part, not rounded. The P90 has an way different handle, trigger guard, front end. And an little thing on the front that sticks down. The top is wrong, etc. etc. Just delete it, or rename it

    Sadly, that fails and it looks like a bunch of random pieces put together

    Knex fails... You know everything to do with knex fails, even you. This is from when I was like what? 12? Im now 17 and I want to slap you in the face with a bloody BB full metal P90

    if you built it when you were twelve you have to be like 15 because u posted it on jan 2009

    Im now 17, and as explenation: I posted alot of my old things on this and a lot of other sites when I was like 14 and I never expected them to still be active now ;P

    it looks like someone leaning over the edge of a boat

    Doesnt look too much like a p90...