Introduction: K'nex Parts Difference

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Since there are two different types of K'nex, it can get confusing sometimes (since I have the less common, metallic set). I also made this so I wouldn't have to put the other color into my instructables.

Step 1: Clip Differences

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These are the clip differences. The parts on the top are the metallic ones, and the ones on the bottom are the regular ones. There are two halves because they wouldn't all fit lengthwise on the paper (duh).

Step 2: Rod Differences

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Rod differences. Same as before, but with three rows. The top row got switched, though and I'm too lazy to set it up again (simple, but I don't want to).

Step 3: No Differences

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These are the parts that are the same in both sets. On the bottom, from the left: Y-connector, male joint, female joint (at least I think that's what they're called).


vip123 (author)2009-02-24

I love your differences so see you later

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