Knex Pencil/ Single Rod Shooter!(11pcs)





Introduction: Knex Pencil/ Single Rod Shooter!(11pcs)

an 11 piece knex weapon. Shoots pencils- grey rods, red rods, anything you want thats skinny and long! Results.With strong RB.. Worst-20ft Best-56.5 feet

Step 1: Part One. the Pieces.

You'd never guess. Get the parts :3

3 blue rods

2 orange connectors

2 yellow connectors

2 grey clips

1 strong RB (will not snap if pulled about 10 inches, though.

Step 2: Part 2. Body Assembly.

Make the first picture. Then, add grey clips to each end of a blue rod, and make the second picture.

Step 3: Part 3. Adding the RB.

Basically, what you have to do is put one part of a rubber band right above the bottom blue rod on the first slot of the yellow connector. Then wrap it around, and end it somewhere where it will not fully close the shooter. Then, if you want, snap a grey/ purple connector on to either of the bottom 2 rods, for greater performance and accuracy.

Step 4: Step 4. the Fun Part.

Ok. So. The building is finished! andddddddd.........

how to shoot : Insert pencil or rod into hole. push pencil/ rod against RB. Pull back, and let go!

In the picture. About 25 feet away, right by the brown cabinet, you may/ may not see it, but thats where mine shot with a kinda weak RB.



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also awesome

mine shot 40 ft


how do you shoot it

I bet I could do worst than 20 feet.

With a strong RB, and a good pencil / rod,and no wind,(if ur outside..) it will go over 20 feet.... every time, but if you use a great rb, and you dont get 20 feet, feel free 2 mod it in any way you want.

i dont really like the gun. but it has rather clear pictures, and you have decent grammar. 5 stars for the heck ofit