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Introduction: Knex Claw

This is a personal sized claw perfect for picking up objects, annoying siblings or pets, or just messing around with. It's got four "fingers" that close in with the pull of a "trigger". Enjoy!

Any comments or constructive criticism are appreciated. And please rate it if you like it. Thanks!

Step 1: The Claw

This is the claw! It grabs stuff. Didn't think you'd get to the good stuff first did you?

Pics 1-3: The claw from different angles
Pics 4-5: A single claw
Pic 6: The claw base
Pics 7-8: Attaching the claws to the base
Pics 9-11: Attaching the rubber bands

Step 2: The Arm - Part 1

This is most of the arm, and how to attach it to the claw. There is a small mistake with the pictures, but I will point it out for you.

Just follow the pictures and my comments on the pictures.

Step 3: The Arm - Part 2

Ok. This finishes up the arm. The mistake pointed out earlier gets fixed in this step.

Once again, follow the pictures and my comments.

Step 4: The Handle

You're almost there, last part!

Step 5: Operation

It's pretty simple to operate. Your palm goes on the end, and your fingers go above and below the middle of the yellow connector. Just pull, and grab stuff. Pure, unadulterated fun.


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Questions & Answers


Too heavy for an arduino project arm but it was fun to make.

Hey, love your claw work.  Using it for my robotic arm challenge.  But, it doesn't work!  Could you tell me what I have done wrong BY WEDNESDAY?

It seems as though there needs to be another two blue spacers between each orange connector and the middle white snowflake connector. There should be a total of one silver spacer and two blue spacers, whereas there is only one silver spacer at present. I hope that fixes the problem, however should that not be the case, post more pictures and I shall take another look.


Here ya go...still couldn't get it to work.  I couldn't fit both of the blue rings on.  I don't want to argue, OK?  Me just trying to get project done.  Yours was the best idea!

First of all, the correct spacing is very important for the claw to work, so you're going to need to squeeze that last blue spacer in. Just pull the white snowflake connectors a little more apart, and it should fit in nicely. Secondly, I noticed that you did not use a wheel in between the claws. If you don't have one, you're going to need to fill the gap in it's place. I would recommend putting in a white snowflake connector with four green rods attached to it, as that would provide the most strength next to a wheel. You need to make sure, however, that the tan clips on either side of the claw are facing the same yellow connector on the claw. If you get confused, just take another look at that part of the instructable.

With those changes, it should work. Good luck!

Agreed, the center bar I added a few small blue spacers until it started working smoothly.

All right, one last question.  What do you mean that the tan clips on each side should face the same yellow connector?  Do you mean that they have to face the same way?

I mean they should clip onto the grey rod in the same position, and they should point toward one of the yellow connectors in the claw. The pictures in the instructable should help.

Thank you for all your help!