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Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a knex bow. Its not the best, but considering this is my first bow and arrow, Its a pretty good job.

First of all, I would like to say that i have used a Real bow and arrow about 3 years ago. I just based mine off that bow.

This bow has a lot of features you would find on real bows and arrows. Like the part on the back of the arrow that clips onto the string. It also has something that no other knex bow has- It has 2 Knex "blades" that can be used in melee combat, and if you get someone with the blades in a knex war, It counts as an instant kill, just like if you used a knex knife. The reinforcements on the front are also guards if you are going against someone who has mepain's sword or similar.

Please note that the blades and guard are not optional, as The bow will break without them.

This bow was built with comfort and realism in mind, so its a bit more comfy than the real bow i used 3 years ago......


-20 foot range
-very comfortable handle (even has a split-finger rod)
-uses the least parts of all my creations
-pretty realistic in terms of loading and firing
-decent for melee combat (has blades on both bows, and the reinforcements protect you hand)


-the arrow flips in midair (sometimes i get it to shoot straight though)
-sometimes, the arrow connector breaks from the stick, however, i think this is fixed, if not, its greatly reduced......
-not that powerful
-uses a ton of spacers

This instructable will be split into 4 parts: The core, The arms, Assembly and stringing, and loading and firing.


Step 1: The Core

Picture of The Core

Ok, This is the Core of the bow. No arms. Please note that this part of the core is entirely assembled on 2 gray rods, and that any exposed rod parts must be covered with blue or gray spacers....

I have several angled shots of the core, Build off those, because i got some new blisters from building this part of the bow, i dont want more pain..........

The grip is 2 gray spacers below the barrel, and it is 7 snowflake connectors, then one gray spacer below, is an eightth snowflake

Picture 1- overview of core
Picture 2- lower core
Picture 3- upper core

Step 2: Lower Bow Arm

Picture of Lower Bow Arm

this should be easy:

Picture 1- make the lower arm
Picture 2- connect to lower core

Step 3: Upper Bow Arm

Picture of Upper Bow Arm

Just as easy as the lower arm:

Picture 1-upper arm
Picture 2- connect

Step 4: Stringing the Bow

Picture of Stringing the Bow

just easy, the hard part is stringing the upper arm.

Picture 1- string lower bow first
Picture 2- do the upper arm

Step 5: Have Fun!

Have fun with your new bow, and dont forget to comment and rate!


gabriel180 (author)2013-09-02

I love it

The_lucky_sniper (author)2012-02-22

its not bad

Soren012 (author)2011-09-21

dude i just built your bow and it is SICK!!!! I shooting like i never have. But hey can you somehow make it a little stronger? And can you make a knex quiver too? BEcause im trying to find but they the ones i find all suck. plus youre the best knex builder i've ever seen.

(YOUR N (author)2010-11-24

pretty cool

instruct39 (author)2010-03-17

cool looking bow, but I have one question, how many rubber bands should I connect for the bow string?

Airsoft Guy (author)2010-02-05

 nice good 

benfoxg (author)2008-11-26

erm... just to tell you, your supposed to hold a bow with ur non dominate hand and pull the string with ur dominate.

Owenmon (author)benfoxg2008-12-30

but the left hand is the dominate hand! >:O

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)Owenmon2009-01-10

no the right is!

c101 (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2009-03-13

the right rules lol

Owenmon (author)c1012009-03-15

boo >:(

DJ Radio (author)Owenmon2009-07-05

The right basically means correct.

koal1 (author)DJ Radio2010-01-06

To the left to the left everything ya own in a box to the left

TOMNDAN (author)Owenmon2009-08-26

left left left

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)c1012009-03-13


Owenmon (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2009-01-11

i strongly disagree =P

An Villain (author)Owenmon2009-05-02

i am also left handed so i know how you feel, i have tried a lot of bows and i have found only 3 in my whole life that are left handed and 2 of them belonged to my grandpa and he is lefty too.

Owenmon (author)An Villain2009-05-02


An Villain (author)Owenmon2009-05-03

i know the feeling

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)Owenmon2009-01-11

I guess your left handed. sigh.

Owenmon (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2009-01-11


benfoxg (author)Owenmon2008-12-31

then you pull the string back with ur left hand.

DJ Radio (author)benfoxg2008-11-26

I know, but my dominant hand had to take the pictures.......

benfoxg (author)DJ Radio2008-11-26

wait I mean right now if your a righty your holding the bow right.

benfoxg (author)benfoxg2008-11-26

if your a righty you hold the bow with ur left hand and pull the string back with ur right

DJ Radio (author)benfoxg2008-11-26


Rippingtax (author)2009-12-03

IM weird because I write with my left hand and hold a bow, throw a ball, etc... with my right hand! :D

nomadic bowman (author)2009-07-24

I am just wondering are there any black y clips on this bow

DJ Radio (author)nomadic bowman2009-07-24


jashaszun (author)2009-05-07

how many snowflakes are there in Step 1: Part 2: Lower Core?

DJ Radio (author)jashaszun2009-07-17

I think 15... idk.

the dog2 (author)2009-07-07

you would get more power by using wheels or gears at either end to make it a compound, it would make it easier to draw and stronger too.

knexfreak95 (author)the dog22009-07-16

check out my beast

DJ Radio (author)the dog22009-07-07

I know that, but I dont have wheels.

knexguner929 (author)2009-07-05

how to make

Storm360 (author)2009-06-28

I'm ampidextrious.

DeAn0WoW99 (author)Storm3602009-06-29

check out my new bow it can shoot through a aliminium can!

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-06-27

im a lefty with reading and bowshooting. with soccer and fighting im not.

Wafflicious (author)2008-12-27

are you lefty??? because if not then you were holding it right in the first picture

DJ Radio (author)Wafflicious2008-12-27

Im a righty when it comes to pencil, but im a lefty when I hold a baseball bat.

Owenmon (author)DJ Radio2009-06-20

Baseball is FTW!

Wafflicious (author)DJ Radio2008-12-27

oh cool. im only lefty in hockey =) can you come to the ibles chat plz =(

DJ Radio (author)Wafflicious2008-12-27

sorry, I cant come to the ibles chat, im banned from it. come to the knex room instead.

Wafflicious (author)DJ Radio2008-12-27

im there but ur idle

Wafflicious (author)Wafflicious2009-02-23

nvm i lied

Electroinnovation (author)2009-05-22

You are actually supposed to hold the bow with your left arm since you need as much strength to pull back the rubber band, unless you're a lefty.

I was holding it with my left hand in the pic.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)DJ Radio2009-05-29

are you a lefty?

DJ Radio (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-06-14


Guardians38 (author)2008-11-24

it is ok if i try to mod this gun...or bow... to have a mag? i think i might be able to.

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