Picture of Knex RailBow Rifle v1.7
Here are the instructions for a smaller yet more powerful version of my sniper, the RailBow Rifle.

Step 1: Piece List

Gray - 7
Red - 11
Yellow - 10
Blue - 48
White - 78
Green - 162

White - 17
Yellow - 150
Green - 15
Red - 70
Orange - 40
Cut orange or dark grey - 5
Light Grey - 3
Dark Grey - 13

Grey Spacers - 60
Blue Spacers - 61
Y-Clips - 4
Tan End Caps - 6
Blue End Caps - 18 (14 can be tan)
Very Small Wheels - 10
Rubber Bands - 5-13
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grevious6 years ago
WHAT THE??? did u make this mag? because it looks "exactly" like the mag on the gun im working on now... scary... and i though my mag was original lol :P
jollex (author)  grevious6 years ago
I made it but its probably been used before.
grevious jollex6 years ago
ah ok then, lol
Mags are pretty simple things that all work the same. It is pretty obvious that they all look like each other, but heck, who cares.
meh, guess your right, so basically theres no copyright infringement going on eh..? eh?
Right. It is the same as asking copyright on the bolt action principe.
or copyright on a block trigger, or a ram etc etc... we get the point =D
jollex (author)  grevious6 years ago
I copyright: Ammo© Guns© Rams© Block Trigger© True Trigger© Sear System© Mags© Stocks© Handles©
grevious jollex6 years ago
well then K'nex© now get off me construction toy.
yeah, toy, duh.
K'Nex aren't really toys anymore, they're more weapon building blocks, lol.
Its now an arms race. eventually, someone on here is goiung to discover they can propel knex with Co2. then they'll join the rest of us with real, combustion based weaponry. and when conventional weapons become obsolete, people will discover nuclear weaponry and then we'll have that arms race... pathetic isn't it...
to late. I converted my old nerf gun to shoot knex rods at over 100 mph...and it can shoot shrapnel exactly like a shotgun...and it shoots steel marbles...and its quite scary. The steel marbles actually can pierce 5 layers of thick cardboard and go over 5 inches into a dense archery target...and it shoots little beads...wow. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
FAIL I copyright the REAL THING. K'Nex© Get off me construction toy.
K'Nex Minigun© RMConstruction© Ratchet System©
my mag is like that too.
its a pretty standard magazine....?
lol dude... that mag is gun is gone, mag is gone... the entire thought of that gun is gone, it was a pretty bad gun to lol...
lol i just read "that mag is gun is gone" and thought, what the? it was at 4am though..
bighead54545 years ago
might make after i get over the thought of having the demolish my knex guns . i love em seriously i really dont wanna demolish them but as the saying goes 'No Sacrifice No Victory'
Skreetsha6 years ago
Congratulations, Jollex!
You've Won The United Knex Gun Contest Group's Rifle Contest!

You have recieved a 5 Star Rating, a Forum in the T.U.K.G.C.G and, a Mentioning of your rifle in the Knexpert lists!

Again, Congratulations!
Avatars 2.JPG
knex needs a whole new section at the top
That sounds like you've just become a knexpert. Am I right? Anyway, congratulations from me!
lol whateva xD
the handle is far too big but i like it
Unmortal6 years ago
EEKS THE PICTURE LETS ME GET SCARED your makeking me scared and im only looking at it
probably a stalker
statified6 years ago
awesome i pierce cardboard no probs! 5*
the number of parts in this thing terrifies me. and that is not easy. also the fact that this is a 'smaller' version of the big thing...
mrbox6 years ago
Didnt Oodalumps make a cannon like this that had a ram with a rail system but without the mag?
jollex (author)  mrbox6 years ago
No his shot the whole "ram"
I did make one. I called it the cannon sniper.
jollex (author)  oodalumps6 years ago
But I don't think you posted instructions cuz it broke lots of pieces.
It was on KI, was it not?
What does KI means?
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