Introduction: Knex Rocket Rifle V2

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this is the long awaited bazooka that I finally have posted It shoots about 140 feet.So lets get to building! parts list-
light grey-4



3 64# rubberbands tied together
1 64# trigger rubberband

Step 1: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

this Step shows how to make the Trigger.

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

This step shows how to make the Barrel.

Step 3: Support

Picture of Support

This Step shows how to make the support and attach it to the barrel

Step 4: Handle

Picture of Handle

This step shows how to make the handle

Step 5: Attaching Handle/handle Support

Picture of Attaching Handle/handle Support

This step shows how to Attach the handle and support it so it wont fall off

Step 6: Stock

Picture of Stock

this step shows how to make the stock.

Step 7: Attaching Rubberbands

Picture of Attaching Rubberbands

This step shows how to attach rubberbands

Step 8: Your Done!!!

Have fun with my knex gun!!!


Kona-chan (author)2013-05-15

hm, nice, try to make it with breakaction loading
and then you have a tumber

knex_mepalm (author)2009-05-19

This is a whaste of pieces

(Late comment) Learn to spell.

lukewilliams010 (author)2010-11-04

looks much better than the first one this one would actually still be cool if i couldnt fire

Masterdude (author)2008-12-04

Cool. Looks better than first one.


zap89 (author)2009-08-04

the pics are too bright 4 me to actually see what to build... :(

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)zap892009-10-09

Sorry but I destroyed it long ago.

marlonlaija (author)2009-07-30

wow thats alot i just bought like 6 thousand or more knex for 75$

Miles Tails Prower (author)2009-01-06

I need SO MUCH MORE GREEN RODS. AND SO MUCH MORE SNOWFLAKE CONNECTORS. I think I am gonna spend 100 euros on K'NEX. It is the only real hobby I have.

hey i dont know if this is alot where you live cause 1 euro is probably more than 1 dollar but i spent over $100 on 5000 knex about a month ago

how much is a hundred euros?

Mm... about 120 dollars or so.

no about 200$ now

buy the knex off ebay!

bighead5454 (author)2008-12-22

soooooooooooooo what does this shoot


ok thanx and sorry for the late wait correction: VERY late reply and do you need #64s cause arent the very very very hard to pull back and also i dont know where to get any

jemoedert (author)2009-03-26

how to make that thingy there?

this? You follow the instructions.

happybirthday (author)2009-03-13

i dont have enough yellow rods for this.

it only has 2 yellow rods.

i dont have enough

you dont have 2?

Im joking. I could build at least 2 of these

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-02-15

miles tails power, i got a question for you:where do you live? i live in the netherlands.

Why are you asking me?

benfoxg (author)2008-12-04


Knex_Gun_Builder (author)benfoxg2008-12-18

thanks! have you seen my gatling shotgun v1 yet?

benfoxg (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2008-12-18

yes, it's a nice idea... I will be able to destroy my brother in white rods now

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)benfoxg2008-12-18

nooooooooooo shoot blue rods out of it!

benfoxg (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2008-12-18


barrax (author)2008-12-13

i made a gun a bit like that! but with a thinner and shorter barrel, but the trigger broke every time you pulled. :(

the trigger obviously works, 5* BTW.

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)barrax2008-12-13


Vynash (author)2008-12-04

Much much better 4*s!

pls (author)2008-12-04

Awesome, I'll be sure to built it when i get a chance, looks great! 5*

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)pls2008-12-04


pls (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2008-12-04

Your welcome:)

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