Knex Short Sword



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Introduction: Knex Short Sword

Folow the instructions to make this.

Step 1: THe Handle

First stack the white around the 4 red knex's.

Step 2: The Blade

This is how you make the blade.

Step 3: Done

just connect them and your done. the only reason i did not show you how to connect them and Im sorry it is not very clear i was tired and i might elaberate later. that is pretty easy so try to come up with your own way to connect if its good show me. so rate this and comment.



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    NIce sword, but you should call it a knife because it is so small.

    this would be called a knife but its 100000000000000000000x worse

    sorry but the sword looks very unstable and flimsy, BTW I have some new elbow blades/tonfas coming out soon :D

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    it was but i fixed it i put rods on both sides and i barley moves its fun because if you have a sword fight and swing it hard it literaly explodes(or snaps in half an falls to the floor)

    i think this is more of a dagger with a sword hilt... pretty kl tho