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Introduction: Knex Simple Walker

About: K'nex is my thing!
This is a very simple waking machine I made. Its sturdy and reliable, and fun to watch as it crawls across the floor.

It also uses a small amount of pieces, and one of the more common motors.


Step 1: Parts List

This is the parts list. There are not many used.

2 white
36 purple
10 yellow
8 green
14 red

2 red
23 yellow
10 blue
10 white
28 green

16 blue spacers
22 silver spacers
1 Knex Powerpack (Short or long stringed, doesn't matter).

Step 2: Sides

These are the sides that rotate around the core.

1: Make this. Remember the green rods
2: Make this part as well. Make sure to get the spacers right
3: Close up...
4: Put the two together to get this
5: Make its twin. It is an exact mirror image
6: Put two red rods on one of the sides like this.


Step 3: Core

This is the inner part of the walker that houses the motor.

1: Make this panel
2: Make another panel and put the rods on like so
3: That piece from another angle. Those are tan clips on blue rods
4: Slip the motor onto the panel like so
5: Put the other panel on and put two more tan caps on the blue rods at the top
6: Get these pieces ready
7: Put it through the white connector like so, and put the other spacer and red connector on the other side. Make sure that they are connected facing the same direction
8: It should look like this from above
9: Make make this attachment on the end. Pretty simple
10: Make another one on the other end
11: It should now look like this. Notice that all the reds are facing the same direction

Step 4: Assembley

Time to put the two bits together! This is easy. Make sure you have all the spacers in their right spots.

1: Take the side with the reds and position it with the core like so
2: Connect all the blue rods to the red connectors on the core
3: Close up
4: Put the other side on the same way
5: Connect The red rod going across like so

Whoop whoop, you are done!

Step 5: Usage

This is really easy. Just throw the switch and watch it go!

I hope you liked this instructable. Comments and questions welcome.





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    Cool,I will build this, it's great! 4.5*

    1 reply

    I made it and its awsome! but it went under a sheet and my cat pounced on it snaping the 2 main yellow rods :( but i made it again and it still worked like a charm!

    1 reply

    It is a good design for a walker but there are some problems

    1) the moter cannot lift its own weight therefore the walker jams, i am having this issue and loads of other people are as well

    1 reply

    Yes, some people seem to be having that same problem. I never had it, so I'm not too sure how to fix it... Make sure its built right and you've got fresh batteries in there.

    Be sure you have good batteries, and that you are not running it backwards

    i got the same problem...decent motor and good batteries but it just strains, and goes build although it was useless for my motor.

    hmmm I made dual spiffs and now Im out of green rods? do I take one apart for this? maybe I'll think

    1 reply

    Mine doesn't even work.... DOn't worry its just my motor....

    I just got done making my new walker, it uses the same concept of this one only with a lotta gears and is very complicated. i will post a slideshow and maybe an instructable in the future. i am now currently working out the bugs of the design so it should be done by the end of thanksgiving break. it looks sorta like an AT-AT unit(for all you non-star wars fans)a link this one was from Robot Chicken star wars i will see your comments in the future.

    2 replies

    That sounds really cool! Pictures? S03lkill3r made a AT-AT and put a vid on youtube, its pretty cooL!

    I'm gonna make an at-at too! it may be difficult but i think im up for it. :-)

    mine does it gets half way and shakes.