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This is an instructabe about building a very basic skytram out of knex.

Step 1: Rennovation

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I was looking through my knex box and i was amazed to find my original skytram partly assembled.
i would use this as a base for the new one.

Step 2: Construction.

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i could only find one other wheel and it was half the size of the other would have to do.

Step 3: Completion

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Now put it on some sort of string, i used a washing line.


jamesmcip (author)2011-07-30

Oh my gosh, you've just inspired me to make a cable car lift!!!

arrow shot (author)2008-09-15

this is awesome. Simple, So i think i will make an area for storage with my hinge joint peices. Now, just gotta think of a place to put it...My tree fort to my bedroom window! epic! thanks for the idea starter.

arrow shot (author)arrow shot2008-09-16

I finished it! It is a 2 bottom 1 top wheel bumper safety cargo hook enhanced cargo sky tram! Shall i post instructions?

gear-guy (author)arrow shot2008-09-17

go ahead.this was really just posted for inspiration

bakenbitz (author)2008-09-14

I made something like this when I was 9, it was motorized, and went across the ceiling in my room.

gear-guy (author)bakenbitz2008-09-16

thats what the extra string on the orig was,it went over to an r/c car with a knex wheel minus the tire on the back axle.that pulled it back and forward.

The Jamalam (author)2008-09-15

this is pretty good! i like this! you should motorise it! 4 stars

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