Picture of Knex Spinning Pull Top.
What you will be making, it is really fun just to play around with. My longest time for it spinning is 1 minute 34 seconds.you can use several top designs this one is just a small one i like best.
Cons: you need string, you need a drill (1/8 ths drill bit adult supervision required)
Pros: it is easy to make, low pieces, fun. This video is how the top works.

Step 1: Gather the materials.

Rods: 1 yellow, 7 blue, 14 green, 8 white,.
Connectors: 9 orange, 2 gray, 4 white moons, 2 tan clips.
Other: About 16 inches of string.
do you have to drill
danicle4 years ago
i am just randomly making a comment so dont read this.
or maybe do so you know not to read it.
no dont.
but then you dont know not to read it.
i konw, read it and not read it at the same time! like, read it with one eye or something! yeah, thats it
ty cox14 years ago
where do you put the orange thing with the string on it
I'm not saying that your vid sucks, but it could be better, maybe you should take some extra distance from the camera and make the vid by daylight. 

i agree
jeffreyshi5 years ago
where do u buy the stuff? im trying to buy it on google shopping but there are soooooo many knex products
ash14946 years ago
oh my god about a month ago i made the exact same thing that worked like a beyblade ill have to post( i didnt copy or even know about this instructable)
also known as a beyblade
DTass6 years ago
Do you drill the hole all the way through, or just part way through?
Daniel662000 (author)  DTass6 years ago
all the way throught
PKM6 years ago
Sweet, an interesting non-gun k'nex toy. I loved these things as a kid and built my own out of all sorts (lego, CDs and pencils, etc.)
pls6 years ago
Awesome! beat me to it!
Bartboy pls6 years ago
Same! Ive been working on one of these, but mine dosn't need a drill
pls Bartboy6 years ago
Ya, i kinda just made a top-spinner thing and tried make ones with like gyroscopic properties to make it spin longer, lost interest in it lol -
nifty you you did a good job on this!